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Monday, December 26, 2016

Fun on an Arctic Day!

About a week ago, we awakened to arctic air. It was -10°F outside. Since getting a snow bike, I view days like this one as challenges, to see if I can stay warm enough to do a real ride in the snow.

I set out with Shyla, who was shod in dog boots to protect her toes. Her toes seem to be the only part of her that gets cold during exercise even in Arctic temperatures.

Her face quickly got covered in frost.

Similarly, my neck gaiter, hat, and hair all had frost on them by the end of our ride. However, I was warm!!! In fact, I even overheated during a long uphill slog. Of course, I was wearing six layers on my upper body and three on my legs. I had chemical toe and hand warmers because I have Renaud's Syndrome, which means that my toes and fingers can't stay warm no matter how many layers I wear unless I provide them with a source of heat.

Shyla and I had a lot of fun. She wore her UltraPaws which are the only kind of dog boots that don't make her too morose to run and jump.

Then, the Runner and I did a whimsical experiment. We boiled a few cups of water which the Runner tossed into the air while I videoed. The result was FUN. Check out our short video of the boiling water instantly turning into snow when the Runner tossed it into the air.

That made the freezing day worth it!


  1. Brrrrrr, that's pretty dang cold. The video is fun, amazing that happens.

  2. I've never thought of doing that with water - fun, and nice video! Glad you are enjoying the added briskness on your rides-n-runs. I'm hoping to take Piper into the woods today but there is a freezing rain advisory and a gale warning, so this morning's sunlight may be gone before I can manage it. We can at least go play in one of the paddocks here at home - not as much fun for Piper, but better than spending the whole day snoozing. Although this winter she seems pretty comfortable with that, too!

  3. Instant snow is pretty darn cool, literally!

  4. Brr! I don't think I'd EVER go outside in those temps.

  5. You guys are brave! We won't stay outside in those supercold temps.

  6. No wonder you had lots of layers on. Great way to make snow, a heap of fun.

  7. Baby it's cold outside!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. You two are very brave to go out in such cold weather. You are true pioneers

  9. Brrrr, that's cold! Kudos for having a good day in spite of it. I'm not familiar with those boots, but Lilo needs something -- I'll have to check them out!

  10. Perry cold here too. Very cool with the water. Maybe momma and I should try that.

  11. We think those are flying boots! Love the water experiment.

  12. HOLY FROSTBITE! And Ma thought that 28 was cold...☺ We Californians don't know that kind of cold very often, and we have to go up to the Sierras to get to it! Stay warm guys! if you wants, i can make a special hot toddy for you! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  13. Crikey .... Mum can't even imagine cold like that. She's got Raynauds syndrome too. Her fingers go numb when she walks past the freezer section in a supermarket. She'd never survive in those temperatures. Those pictures of Shyla are fun, aye??

  14. Shyla looks so cool in her snow boots,,, and your so brave to be out,,, in the deep snow in your bike and having fun!

  15. Does Shyla have dewclaws? We're in the market for boots, but finding those an impediment to fastening snugly in some styles.

    1. Shyla doesn't have dew claws - they were removed long before we knew her. I do think that the placement of the velcro closure is a problem for a lot of dogs. Shyla can't tolerate Ruffwear boots (but they seem like the best-built ones on the market). The UltraPaws have double velcro straps, which I think spreads out the force needed to hold the boot on the paw. That might be why she tolerates them.


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