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Friday, May 11, 2018

Flowers in Springtime

Springtime blooms have progressed slowly here although they might be speeding up now. This field where Shyla ran today has just acquired some green grass. Before spring is over, it will be filled with yellow flowers (assuming that they bloom despite our drought).

It's been sunny and warm, and the Pasqueflowers have opened their petals wide to soak up the sun and attract pollinators.

Willow bushes have gotten their tiny flowers clustered together into catkins. These gems are among my absolute favorites!

I love watching spring unfold, one miracle at at time. The flowers are among the miracles but the arrival of migratory birds is another. I love watching the bird species arrive one-by-one. One of my favorites is the hummingbird. Ours are back!
Happy Springtime!


  1. happy springtime... enjoy an ocean of flowers ;O)

  2. The world awakens. Always a treat. I love the shot of the catkin.

  3. i did not know the willow bushes had these flowers. so pretty. almost as pretty as Shyla... yay for your birds coming home to roost

  4. The hummingbird reminds me of my gramma's super old metal, bird, Christmas ornaments. Great shot!

  5. What beautiful flowers. I too like the willow bush. I don't think we have them here.
    What type of hummers to you have. I'm an avid hummingbird lover. We only have Ruby Throated but the little jewels return each year mid April to my feeders and stay through Mid September
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. I love hummingbirds too!!!! Our main hummingbird is the Broad-tailed, which actually looks a lot like the Ruby Throated. They are here from late April until early September. We also get Rufous hummingbirds in July as they migrate from Alaska (where they breed) back to someplace far south of us.

  6. How pretty the willow bush flowers are! Beautiful flowers, KB!

  7. Wow, super focus on every one, the willow catkins are amazing.

  8. We are always amazed at the beauty and detail of your photos - that one of the hummingbird is so good.

  9. What beautiful photos! Your detail on the Willow shot is amazing!

  10. What a gorgeous collection of flowers...and the hummingbird is like icing on the flower cake ;-)!

  11. We love these photos and that hummer is totally amazing, wonderful photo!

  12. WE get all sorts of birds but rarely see hummingbirds!
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. We Love hummingbirds too.
    Beautiful photos of flowers.
    xo Astro

  14. Happy springtime and thank you for sharing such wonderful images. I love seeing pics of hummers since they don't seem to live around my home.

  15. Your flowers are amazing,, We have not seen some that you post!


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