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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sunrise Musings on Saturday

We had a beautiful sunrise recently. Our winter winds are finally calming down on some days so I could take aerial photos.
Back around the winter solstice, the sun appeared to the far right in this landscape at sunrise. And it appeared about 1.5 hours later than it does now!

As I looked at the sunrise from up high, I thought about the fact that it was my childhood best friend's birthday. Isn't amazing how many of us can remember the birthdays of childhood friends but can't remember everyday facts?
Do you see the dirt road to the flatlands?

I think that those early bonds stay with us for a lifetime because those people knew us at the beginning. My best friend had a black Lab named "Captain" who accompanied us on many walks in the woods. Now, the Runner's and my dogs are Labs... and I love them like she loved Captain.

I sent her the photos from her birthday sunrise in the Rockies, which is thousands of miles from her home both in distance and landscape.
Then, we caught up with each other via email. I enjoy hearing about her family because I spent so much time with them as a kid and teenager. They were like a second family to me, although they were very different from my family.

As I ponder my childhood, I realize that I was destined to break free and go where my heart led me. These mountains are my home but my world couldn't be more different from where I grew up.

I love the freedom of having wilderness out my back door where I can track bears, lions, and moose to my heart's delight. I love the freedom of being able to ride my mountain bike out my back door with my Shyla by my side and continue on trails for hours without crossing a road. I love the freedom to be me - with no pretenses to meet the expectations of society.

Quite simply put - this mountain world of free spirits is where I belong.


  1. A beautiful post at the start of my day! The sun is getting higher in the sky, and I'm noticing that it's getting light by about 5:30 when I'm letting the dogs out for the umpteenth time in the morning! It's a good feeling.

    But you are right about our memory and those people from childhood that helped us to find out who we are. You are truly part of the place you call home and where your heart and soul truly belongs.

    1. Also, I want to thank you for your good thoughts and cheering Charlie on as we move ahead with treatment for him. It of course goes without saying that I'm really worried, but I'm trying to remain hopeful.

  2. A lovely and thoughtful post :) You know, I don't remember my best childhood friend's birthdate (we were BFF's from ages 3 - 13 or so), but I can remember her phone number quite clearly! We were dialing on the old rotary phones a lot back then, LOL...

  3. It's really wonderful when you are where you were meant to be all along!

  4. I do belive you are where you are supposed to be and so happy for you and your pups, that you have freedom. I always wanted land and no people and never got there, and am to old now but I do enjoy seeing your lifestyle through your camera lens... it amazes me how silly things that mean nothing pop in my head but i can't remember the most important things. i find that as I age, something will happen or someone will make a comment and up pops a memory i had no idea I had...

  5. And we love that you are in the place your heart was meant to be, and then you share it with us! What a glorious sunrise!

    Chris from Boise

  6. What breathtaking photos and such a beautifully written post.
    Two of my oldest friends I've known since I was 12 she still lives in NC and one from 15, she is in VA. Every summer we go visit the friend in NC. Her husband and mine have become good friends too.
    They recently celebrated my husband's birthday with us here.
    Thank you for the lovely post.
    Hugs Madi and mom

  7. What a lovely sunrise--nearly as beautiful as the reflections in your post.

    It's fascinating to me how certain nature scapes call to us. I did not grow up on the water but my heart fills looking over the marshes and watching birds and dolphins hunting together in the mud flats. I love that you have found your heart place in the Rockies and that you are so generous in sharing it with us all.

  8. You've found your perfect place to live. Such a gorgeous place.

  9. Beautiful post! I think you landed in the perfect place for you! I never would have imagined myself in Kansas, but it's such a great fit. I grew up an Army brat, moving every year or so, then after college, became an Army wife, again, moving very often. This place just felt right.

  10. Your world is absolutely gorgeous, KB, and what stunning photos!

  11. I love this! I also have a childhood friend who I still keep in touch with. It's funny that I remember she had a German Shepherd when we grew up, because I was not a dog person back then; my family didn't have any pets other than a parakeet.
    We grew up together in an urban neighborhood. Not a big city, more like a suburbs kind of town. But it was way different from where I live in the country now. I could never go back to living in a place like that!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Your words today tell us what your photos show us every day:)

  13. Your joy shows through to all of us KB! We cannot imagine our life without you.

  14. those are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos! I'm sure your friend just adored them. I am torn abouts the will to live in the country, and the thought of being so far from a Target. BOL!!! jk...kinda
    Ruby ♥

  15. I am so glad you found your place at the top of the world!


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