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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunset with the Labraduo

I took the Labraduo for a hike at sunset the other evening. Sunset brings our best "golden hour" sunlight at this time of year. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get our Duo out in that light!

Because I don't get as many chances to photograph our black dog as Shyla, I was particularly thrilled to see him in that fabulous light. His eyes enchant me.

The two dogs had fun racing each other whenever I called them.

At the end of one recall, R came very close to bowling me over. Look at his wide and clear eyes! This photo shows his truly wonderful spirit shining through in his eyes. He still looks like a puppy to me.
I love evenings like that one. We had a leisurely hike up to where we could see the Divide. We watched the sun sink toward the Divide as I photographed the Duo in the amazing light. We saw the sun slide behind the mountains while sitting on a log at our lookout point. Then, we strolled toward home, feeling like all was right with the world.

Here's to celebrating our Black Dog on Sundays!


  1. You two have the most wonderful eyes!

  2. I find that our dogs are our best help for learning to live in the moment, to appreciate each beautiful sunrise and sunset, to just enjoy and not worry so much about what tomorrow may bring. R has those old faithful eyes you find in some dogs.

  3. that golden light just highlights the beauty of their fur and eyes. R has ruby red eyes in that last one...

  4. You do still look like a puppy, R! We love the warm sunset glow.

  5. This duo in NC is smiling big Cheshire cat smiles
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. Joy shines in their eyes!
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. Such beautiful sunset pictures of your pups.

  8. Yoou capture the true soul of a dog in your pictures

  9. Sounds like it was an amazing evening!!! Love seeing the Labraduo together.

  10. Enjoy those golden moments together.

  11. He's such a funny boy. Perfect captures of the duo as always.



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