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Saturday, May 12, 2018


Today, we are reflecting on our last trip to the desert. The desert is so different from our home in the forest, which you can see reflected in Shyla's eye below.

 We camped in other-worldly places like this one, with the sun warming us up.

It was a rainy phase in the desert, and the depressions in the slickrock filled with water. Shyla loved the water, as you can tell by her wet fur. I loved the water because I enjoyed seeing the reflections in it.

I found it to be ironic that I had to go to the desert to learn to photograph reflections!

It was fun seeing Shyla and the clouds reflected in the puddles. 
The puddles stuck around for a long time after a rain, perhaps because there was no porous soil below them to absorb the water. Various tiny animals live in the bottom of these depressions just waiting for water so that they can start their life cycles. For that reason, I did my best to keep Shyla from disturbing the water holes too much.

I can't wait until we visit the desert again. It's so fun to spend time in a place so different from where we live.


  1. Hari OM
    I always felt, when in Australia's outback which resembles this, that one could truly feel the weight of time upon the earth - or timelessness, I suppose. It comes from these images also. Lovely. YAM xx

  2. thanks for this view of the desert, it is beautiful in and out of the reflections. i love the STAR look of the sun high in the sky... my favorite today is the muddy Shyla...

  3. What gorgeous photos of Shyla and the red rocks. I agree with Sandar about the STAR look of the sun
    Hugs madi and mom

  4. Beautiful photos of the desert and of the reflections, KB!

  5. I wonder how long the puddles stay, or does it get so hot they just dry up? Fantastic reflections, booties as well are so clear.

    1. I've never been there long enough to see how long they last. I suspect that the combination of heat and wind causes them to evaporate eventually...

  6. That is cool to see puddles and reflections in the desert!

  7. Beautiful reflections. We especially love the eye shot.

  8. The reflection in Shyla's eye is amazing!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Mom was based in a desert when she was flying for her Uncle Sam. She only remembers one part of it vividly and that was a tarantula in her bed. NOT fun. She is happy to be in Chicago, there's gangs, violence, high taxes, but NO tarantulas and she's in this tiny Polish Village with an awesome butcher shop and bakery.

    Abby Lab
    Abby Lab

  10. At least someone is receiving some rain!

  11. Oh my gosh,, your reflection photos are beautiful! I love the one of Shylas eye


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