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Friday, May 4, 2018

Snowy Flower Friday

We've been wishing for moisture to deter wildfires and help our flowers bloom. Our fog turned into a heavy snowstorm yesterday. Shyla looked a little less than happy with it!

Soon, however, she remembered her love of snow. She ran.

And ran.

I was slow to get happy about it too. After all, just two days ago, I wore shorts, and we enjoyed the sights and scents of our very early blooming wildflowers.

This was the new bloomer for the week - a Sand Lily.

This was one that started blooming a while ago but the blooms are going wild now.

These are Pasqueflowers at the start of the storm. I liked the water droplets on them, and the fact that Shyla was watching over me so closely that her paw was just behind the flowers!

I sure hope that this storm helps our forest and flowers. It turned out to be pretty unpleasant for anyone who spent time outdoors. Although it was snow, it was a very wet snow that left Shyla and me soaked. Shyla's look in this photo says it all. We headed home just after I took this photo because we were both drenched and freezing.
Even though I toweled Shyla, she was still damp many hours later. Yes, it was a very wet and cold spring snowstorm. It also took down trees and power lines which was an inconvenience.

Interestingly, as I went through my photos for May of the past several years, it almost always snows within the first few days of May. That's worth remembering, and perhaps avoiding by going out of town!


  1. I hope the added moisture will help with your reserves when the real hot season is underway!
    Snow in May is not unusual here, and I remember once getting stuck on ice in my own driveway in May and being furious at the idea that I might need to call AAA in such absurd circumstances! That said, yesterday it was in the low 80s all day. These dramatic differences and sudden changes, like your shorts-then-snowstorm, make me wonder how plants manage to survive in our climates.

  2. so happy for your flowers and bushes that the snow came and you found some enjoyment.. there is always some bad with all good.. she does look WET but still beautiful

  3. Well, the flowers sure are pretty and at least sweet Shyla enjoyed the snow romp!

  4. Oh my goodness I cannot imagine snow in MAY!????? Not sure where you are in CO. One thing for sure you live in a beautiful state and we do so hope all the snow helps with the summer heat and threat of wild fires. That explains why we saw snow capped mountains June 2017 when we flew into Denver. Then we boarded a motor coach for Utah, ended up back in Colorado Springs our last Day. We were on a tour with Globe Treks out of NC. They cater to Seniors. Everything planned down to the minute. But such fun we didn't have to lift a finger. LOL
    Hugs madi and mom

    1. We are on the Front Range - or you can think of it as the eastern slope of the Continental Divide. We live at 8200', so the only months when it never snows at our home are July and August. In normal years, the mountains near us (they are about 12,000' high) have snow on their tops all year long. I'm so glad that you got to see this part of the country. I love it! I love your part too (we used to vacation in NC every summer when I was growing up)... but this is my home, even if we get big snowstorms in May!!!

  5. Lucky you to get snow in May, Shyla! The sand lily is so beautiful!

  6. Shyla's face says it all ,let's go home!! NOW... Beautiful flowers, and changeable weather, so glad you have had ample snow.

  7. Love the dollop of snow on her nose!

  8. Sounds like a bit wet snow was just what y'all needed! Best of luck with the summer.

  9. I'm not sure I would be happy about snow in May, but I do understand the wish for moisture to deter wildfires. Your photos are - as always - stunning. You have a wonderful way to capture Shyla.

  10. Wow, I just can't believe you have snow! Amazing! I hope it helps!

  11. That heavy wet snow can really cause come havoc. We are having a wonderful spring day
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. Sorry about the snow. The flowers are beautiful though.

  13. Silly Mother Nature sure went topsy turvy with you this week! Love your flowers especially the picture with Shyla's paw in the background!

  14. We can get May snow too, but not this year it seems. It will melt fast.

  15. The weather here would have to change drastically for it to snow again - but that doesn't mean it couldn't. The latest I've seen snow was in mid-June. It only fell for five minutes but it was white and freezing. Mountain weather can be decidedly odd.

  16. One year ago today we received 5-6 inches and it was glorious. Only rained down in the city, but it was a nice soaking rain and the garden has greened up nicely. We could stand a few more of those if we're to not have a summer of hell. Fingers crossed we get some more though I can do without the 30+ degree temps.

  17. I'm not sure I could handle more snow at this point! We had two "shorts weather" days too, but now we've seemed to moderate into "normal" spring weather. At least you got some much-needed moisture, even if it didn't come in the form you'd prefer! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. Mother Nature is still stirring the pot that we call everyday life!
    That is a lot of snow,,,,, and those beautiful little flowers got burried!
    We hope your all warm now


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