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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Black Dog Sunday - In a Sea of Gold

I had a wonderful week in the yellow flowers with each of our dogs, including our Black Dog. Getting to the yellow flowers turned into a bit of an adventure though, when our local coyote pack decided to move their den onto our path. I'll spare you the stories about them for now but there will be coyote pup videos coming up!

Our Black Dog is the easiest to pilot through the coyote zone and into the sea of gold. One day, before I changed my route, a coyote pup sprinted across our path... which our Black Dog did not see due to his near-blindness. The younger dogs would have had fits if a coyote pup had tried that same thing near them!

But, we made it to the meadow of yellow flowers. I was so thankful. We had such fun playing there.

Despite the attack on his vision by glaucoma, he loves romping through the meadow. The pressure in his remaining eye has remained very low due to the eye drops that he gets twice daily. However, the vision in that eye has definitely dwindled. The amazing thing is that our Black Dog doesn't seem bothered. He's as happy as ever.

He has mellowed just a tiny bit with age, and I love that soft edge around the highest drive dog who I've ever known. I used to be able to handle him only in small doses because he was so insanely driven about whatever caught his fancy on that particular day. Now, we can lie in the flowers and play, and he seems absolutely content.

Look how bright eyed and happy he looks. This is a wonderful phase of life for him, despite all of the physical challenges that he's faced. I enjoy every moment that I get with him, one-on-one. He's so loyal and sweet.

Happy Black Dog Sunday!


  1. R looks totally fantastic and the photos are wonderful!

  2. Such beautiful pictures of R among your amazing meadow of yellow flowers. He sure looks happy.

  3. You look so handsome surrounded by all of the beautiful golden wildflowers, R!

  4. I love this dog! And I have been waiting for your fields of yellow flowers to burst into bloom. To see the dogs run through these fields is unforgettable.

  5. Oh My Gosh, What A Handsomely Happy Boy!! BLK Dog, I Could Just Wrap My Arms Around You & Nap All Day Long. And That Boney Head Of Yours, Love It!! These Are Wonderful Photos & I Find Myself With A Smile Across My Face. Stay Playful & Keep That Sniffer Wet.

    Big Hugs BLK Dog,

  6. Happiness in his eyes, and yellow gold to play in, that makes for a wonderful day together.

  7. Glad the right dog was with you when you crossed paths with the coyote. He sure does look happy in the field.

  8. Hari OM
    That last shot says it all really! YAM xx

  9. R is an amazing dog - so courageous and resilient - and SO handsome!!!

    Happy Sunday.

  10. Probably better he doesn't chase a pup back to the coyote pack. It is a great phase of life for the boy...and you.

  11. Oh those meadows of yellow! The black dog is a perfect contrast to the flowers. He does look content.

  12. Oh my! What an absolutely gorgeous sight. I'm totally in love with that goofy guy and the way he rolls with the punches. I've learned a lot of lessons from him.

  13. Honestly I seldom notice he has one eye.
    Most of the time it's his goofy expression
    and silly little eye brows that make me smile.
    Thank you so much for continuing to share
    him with blogville. He's always mastered
    the obstacles full speed ahead.
    Can you tell we love him too.

    ♥ Astro Mitzie and Linda

  14. I feel a certain kinship with R. I love todays post, and I love seeing that sweet boy. In some ways he is an inspiration to me......Nothing stops him. and he looks so good in yellow.....

  15. What beautiful photos of the best of times you're having with your boy!

    One of our past foster dogs for Lab Rescue was adopted by a couple that I still keep in touch with. Diezel was blind because of cataracts, and this second summer with him, he decided that he wanted to swim in the ocean instead of just wade. So, they are letting him (on a flexi-lead of course) and he's having a blast! :-)

  16. So sweet, and such a handsome boy in a sea of yellow.

  17. He looks so handsome and content. As much as we hate to see our dogs slow down because of age, there is something so special about their mellowness as they age. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, it makes all of smile and feel the love.

  19. R looks like he's having the time of his life in the yellow flowers!! You have my sympathies on your coyote situation! It's not fun running into predators.


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