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Monday, July 1, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle

It's been a fun week for "The Hach", as we like to call him. He plays with his sister every day, and they both seem unbelievably happy about it.

I never dreamed that I'd see Shyla play with such utter abandon. Hachi has filled a wonderful role for Shyla, letting her have the puppyhood that she missed out on. Puppy Shyla at age seven!

He is continuing to seem much more relaxed in everyday life. He still has triggers - like if strangers approach too fast into his bubble. That can provoke him to bark at them if we don't help him retreat fast enough. Those things only happen in town and not in our mountain home area.
The separation of him from the Labraduo inside the house is going smoothly. We have new routines that work well. My only bad moments this week were a couple of times when he did soft muzzle bites to his siblings when we were all outside. When he does this, he takes the other dog's muzzle softly into his mouth and he holds it briefly. It's not a playful move. To my eye, it looks more like a warning. He stopped after that both times. But, as the official pack worrier, I fretted over it.

I had the feeling that he was a little discombobulated at times this week. I came home one day to find him very afraid. I tried taking him out for a short romp to help him dissipate his fear but that didn't help. It passed within a few hours. I wondered if the doggy prozac was kicking in and affecting his emotions in unexpected ways. The other possible cause was that there were loudly yipping bloodhounds searching nearby. Maybe their yips scared him? I don't know.
Overall, we still feel optimistic. No doubt, the meds are changing him. He seems more able to learn, and that means that we can teach him that the world is not as scary as he once thought. That's a good thing. I wish that I knew how it was all going to turn out... but life doesn't work that way.


  1. Hari om
    The muzzle hold is a thing that bitches will often do to their puppies to exert control, so this may be a latent response from Hatchi seeking a level of dominance. If it does not escalate, it is not yo be worried about, for the duo will respond as they need to. Overall, it seems the positives outweigh the negs, so smiling softly for you todau. YAM xx

  2. sounds better each day to me, prayers and hugs and hope he continues to improve. i agree with Yam that the muzzle holding MIGHT be attempts at showing he is Alpha of the pack.

  3. oh we enjoy the news and we hope for good things about your 3 pups... I love the fire he has in his eyes when he runs around like the wind ;O)

  4. He's such a handsome boy! I hope he continues to improve. Poor thing to be so fearful.

  5. One step forward, two steps back is the mantra for anyone with a reactive pup. Savor those forward moving days, they make up for the days when they slide backward.

  6. Fantastic Photos Of The Hatch!! He Is So Damn Long These Days. Love That Puppy Shyla Shot As Well. My Only Advice Is That The Hatch Is Still Quite Young In The Mind So Remember To look At The Bigger Picture Here. You Guys Are Providing Him With Nothing But Advantages For The Future And You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised Many Moons From Now. Who Will Ever Know What Frightened Him While You Were Out But This Will Surely Pass With Time Because Of Your Reassurance With Kindness, Love, & A Stable Environment On The Home Front. Like With Children, Some Youngsters Have Trouble With Adjusting To Elementary School. Eventually Those Children Become A Functioning Member Of Society. Regardless, I Am Proud Of You Guys For Continuing To Move Forward And For Seeking The Best Possible Outcome.

    Sending Vibes,

  7. What a happy Hach...such a brave guy with loving peeps and sibs....puppy steps are working.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. You are the most wonderful trainer, KB, and we have lots of hope that Hachi will get there in time. You make us smile puppy Shyla☺

  9. It's good to hear Hachi is still doing well and mostly improving. He sure is bringing out the puppy in Shyla. We have our paws crossed that the meds continue to help him.

    BTW in case you didn't see my reply to your question about my lens. I'm using a Fujifilm 100-400 with a 1.4x converter for the close up bird shots and I love it.

  10. I am so glad Hachi is doing better overall, perhaps he just needs some more med adjustment time.

  11. I just love the pictures of them running - they look so happy!
    Happy 4th!

  12. Are you too far out for Hachi to be hearing fireworks? We are dreading the start of them here. It will be a good test of Xena's new thundershirt.

  13. It's Hatchi's journey. It will be a roller coaster ride, but hopefully end up well.

  14. Could be the bloodhounds. Wonder if something else was different around the house.

  15. I am glad he is still moving forward. We had a major set back with our girl on Friday, but hopefully we can move forward too.

  16. Hachi is bringing out the puppyness in Shyla. We think that is so wonderful. Just by the photos, you can see the fun they are having. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day and have fun.
    World of Animals

  17. Hachi is doing for Shyla what Hilda is doing for Mabel. Mabel loves having a playmate. Hope Hachi will continue to work through his issues
    Mabel & Hilda

  18. I'm so glad that things are going better with Hachi! It's wonderful to see Shyla so happy! <3

  19. There are so many ups and downs with dogs that have these issues. We hope in time you have all ups and no downs at all!
    The best thing we did for our older girls was to bring Luke home. He helped them to enjoy their late senior years like puppies too. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  20. Shyla and Hachi have so much fun!


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