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Friday, October 4, 2019

Moose Security Detail

We have a new home security company who sent a burly security guard to defend the perimeter of our land. He chases anyone who tries to come close to our land. He must be a little confused about his job because he also chases us when we try to go outside.

When he first started on the job, he had a younger sidekick who assisted him. But, when the cow moose started hanging around them, the big bull drove off this younger one. It is mating season, after all.

When he first was nearby, the big bull seemed relatively mellow. That changed within days. This was the first day that he chased me as I tried to exit our house. When I say "chased", I mean that he stared at me and started walking directly at me. I didn't stick around to find out whether he'd stop or not.
A couple of days later, he drove me into the house when I was out working on my garden. I first heard a snort from the forest nearby as I dug in the dirt. Then, I heard the sound of antlers hitting a branch. Very soon thereafter, he emerged from the forest coming straight at me. I sprinted inside.

After that, we named him "CrankyMoose", and we started reporting his location to each other so that we could give him a wide berth. My phone constantly changes his name to "CrankyMouse" in my texts which makes me laugh. It's the only funny part of having this moose around. He scares me.

He's had a series of girlfriends although I only have photos of his first girlfriend. I was much too scared of CrankyMoose to attempt any photos after that. Here, he gave me the hairy eyeball as he hung out with one of his many girlfriends.

She was nestled in the foliage close to him.
He seems to hang out with each girlfriend for about two days. Then, he takes a day or two to find the next one. He's especially cranky during his solo phases.

Unfortunately, he truly charged one person and his on-leash dog. I was told that the moose hit the person with his antlers and tossed him several feet. Thank goodness that the moose did nothing more. The person has scrapes and bruises, and the dog is limping. I am grateful because it could have been far worse. Bull moose are said to be the most dangerous animals in the forest during mating season.

I have footage of the bull moose in our area from trail cams. Please check out the video if you have time.


  1. they are such wonderful animals mighty and proud... so sad that...well ya know...

  2. Bummer that they have to be so nasty and aggressive at times. They are such beautiful animals!

  3. Mating season is serious business. It's his time and no one else's.

    Handsome he is though, but I'd enjoy him from a distance.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  4. Geeeez held hostage on your property by a CrankyMoose/mouse (that was funny auto correct can might light of any situation). I watch Rocky Mountain Vet and Yukon Vet. Both stress the danger with the moose during mating season, but who would have thought he'd take your into his range.
    I'm so glad the human and his dog escaped worse injuries. That rack his is sporting is lethal.
    I guess you have to have the Pack on a lease when you are out and about.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. so this Don Juan of Moose, is a player, a real Ladies man. he is even BIG laying down. uck on the green slime beard. He is one handsome dude, but I must say I am happy he is not in MY yard. LOL

  6. Way too close for comfort or safety, hope you stay indoors till he moves away. I guess he is defending what he thinks is HIS own land. So glad the other person and their dog escaped serious injury.

  7. Yikes! He sure is beautiful, though! Stay safe out there! <3

  8. Having never actually seen a moose in the wild, they fascinate me. Probably would change my view if one charged, though. Love seeing the footage.

  9. I would give the big guy a wide berth as well. I hope he doesn't continue to linger. You wrote a rather funny post, but I know you are really quite serious about this big mouse.

  10. They are big and can be very mean, especially in rutting season. Stay safe! Cool pics though.

  11. Wow! Your cranky security guide is quite the poser when he's resting.

  12. All those girlfriends, he must make pretty baby moose. (Mooslings?)

  13. That's so scary that someone got hurt. I'm glad you are all careful to avoid him! Will he move on once mating season is over, and how long might that be. Stay safe!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. Now that would be a wake up call for sure.

  15. He is a huge , beautiful boy!

  16. Wow, that is quite the security guy!

  17. This is what I worried about when you mentioned moose were being introduced to your area. Take care.


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