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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Shyla on Saturday

I spend so much wonderful outdoor time with Shyla every single day. It starts at sunrise when we go out to greet the light. I've been trying to figure out how to take decent photos with the sun behind my subject... and Shyla obliges my obsession with figuring it out.

Then, we go play in the aspens. Shyla seems to love being my subject as much as I love taking photos of her. 
Shyla and I had some rough times back when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer. I was stressed to the absolute max. Shyla could sense it, and stress scares her. So my stress caused her to keep her distance from me. Now, I am simply sad (but my stress level is low), and Shyla can handle that... so she is strives to make me smile as often as possible.

Then, we see the sun set together most evenings.
I cannot imagine life without Shyla.

And now it's time to go snuggle with her. My spine pain is horrendous tonight, and Shyla's sweet snuggles are the best pain killers.


  1. I Say That There Is No Need To Imagine Life Without Her - Fascinating Photos - Wish We Could Work Together But Snuggling Will Do - Be Well & Stay Strong

    P.S. BLK Dog Is Waiting For A Soft Chewy Treat From His Uncle T

  2. You are a true gem, Shyla, and you are the most fantastic SuperModel!

  3. prayers for your dad and for your back pain. Shyla is the PERFECT subject, she is so beautiful in sunshine... I love that first one looking up. I assume for a flying treat

  4. We agree that there is something magical that happens when we snuggle with our pawrents too. You have some of the most spectacular sunsets.

  5. Shyla's photos are lovely as is the find such beauty in simple things.
    Extra hugs to Shyla for being the best Medicine ever. Hug your dad for me at your next visit

  6. The first photo with the aura of the light around Shyla is spectacular. She is an incredible subject.

    Hope you find some relief from the back pain.

  7. I'm so sorry about your dad and your back pain.

  8. Shyla is such a sweetie girl and I'm so happy she it doing better with you now. Hugs from all of us here.

  9. Beautiful shot with the sun behind sweet Shyla. Well done!

  10. It is only right that you and Shyla are such a great team. You definitely deserve all the credit for molding Shyla into the wonderful dog she has become.

  11. Shyla will sense your feelings, and give you that extra love in return. Beautiful sky colours.

  12. Shyla is such a willing model--and comforter.

  13. Sorry you have such rough times, but so glad that Shyla is there for you, as much as she can be. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof pets

  14. Shyla truly is the best medicine there is.
    Your photos capture it all. love

  15. I've been struggling with increased pain in recent weeks/months, and I certainly empathize. I'm so glad Shyla helps you!


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