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Monday, October 28, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle

Hachi's first autumn was fun. He loved running in the golden aspens!

His recall is getting stronger and stronger. He runs so hard when we call him. Practicing recalls is so much fun.

It's pretty rare that he runs to us in a mellow way, like in this photo. Usually, it's full speed ahead!
I've never previously had a dog who engendered such conflicting feelings in me. When I am alone with Hachi or I watch him play outdoors with Shyla, my heart is filled with love. When I see him afraid of something, my heart is filled with empathy and love. But, when he turns an angry eye at R, I feel angry at him. I know that showing my anger won't help and will likely hurt so I hide it... but that feeling is inside me.

One person commented that, someday, Hachi's "issues" will seem like a distant faded memory. I hope so!


  1. oh that is fantabulous... it is the key to nearly everything... we work on our recall, if anything fails, this has to work...

  2. We can understand the anger. R is your beloved boy and you want everyone to play nice. Beautiful photos of you, Hachi!

  3. my prayers for you and for Hachi are for the someday distant memory to come quickly. I love the total FOCUS he shows when he is doing what you ask him to...

  4. It must be even more difficult because you work so hard with your dogs, you give them so much, both of your love and your time.

  5. I understand this so well, although for me it's the goat herd dynamic that causes my frustration. I try really hard to "stay out of it" when my goats are interacting in a way I consider nasty and unacceptable, but it's really, really hard. It breaks my heart when one animal - especially a young one or a sweet-natured one - is treated cruelly by another. My compromise, and I don't know if this is good or not, is to try to make a little more time to spend with the "victim" when I'm out in the paddocks, so they have some "extra" kindness in their day. And I try to remember that the very goat being pushed around by the others will almost certainly do the same thing when the next smaller, gentler one comes along. Somehow...this actually makes me feel worse.
    Maybe I should stop raising goats. I wonder what animal group is thug-free...elephants, I suppose.
    Sorry, KB. I don't think I'm helping!

  6. Awww, what a handsome pup Hachi is. So photogenic. I hope his issues will be just a memory one day. It's hard to be patient at times.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  7. Living with dog issues that cause separation is something that pulls on heart strings every single day. It is very hard for everyone involved but hopefully sticking with it will work in the end.

  8. It is so helpful to me to see your work with Hachi. I have a 2 1/2 year old miniature American shepherd who is tricky that way too. I do agility with him (we both love it and are competing). He is sensitive, smart, athletic, and gets scared too. So I always have to manage him carefully on open spaces with other dogs. He doesn't like to have a large dog come right up to him (I think it scares him), so I always try to keep him moving. He plays with some dogs, but is in no way "bullet-proof" and he is scared of toddlers! I really appreciate your openness to share what is happening with Hachi.

  9. Hari OM
    Oh Hachi... one thing is for sure, not a boring dog! YAM xx

  10. If only Hachi could are surely doing a good job of reading him....
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. I am so sure your time with Hachi and before with Shyla will be a huge help to many others. We had one cat that attacked every other female cat we had, then along came Boris, who picked on Felicity, to the point where I could cry. almost. Then when she was older and frail, he totally left her alone, and after she was gone, he looked in where she had been sleeping every time he walked past. Maybe he knew that that challenge was gone. I am sure that Hachi will lose that anger or whatever it is, in a while. Meantime, you love them all,and they know this so well.

  12. I used to get so mad at Brut after a fight that I could hardly look at him or "talk" to him for a couple of days. It took me a long time to understand him, especially that what I was really dealing with was a combination of aggression and fear, mostly fear. I learn I had to earn Brut's trust before he would really show himself to me. It was then that things started to click between us. And while he was never cured we learned to manage our feelings and behaviors.

    I get it though, it's not easy. We are all rooting for you!

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  15. We totally understand. Hachi is a totally sweet dude and I still think he can outgrow his problem with love, attention...and meds.

  16. We hope so too. We know you will keep working on it, that's for sure. I understand your feelings. We love Luke to death of course, but sometimes I get frustrated when he won't let me do something to him (simple things like putting a new collar on!), or when we need someone to come to the house and have to separate him. We'd also love to get another dog, but we feel like his jealousy would make that very difficult. I'm just not up to all the work it would be. :(
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. We continue to keep our paws crossed he instills more smiles and excellent recalls for you.


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