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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A dog's love

I miss having K with me in the forest for our bike rides and hikes. My heart literally aches at times.

I've been thinking about games and training that I can do with her that are almost completely sedentary. I love the ideas you've given me so far - object discrimination, scent discrimination, and shaping some fun movements like batting her eyelashes. For the moment, I'm keeping it simple since she's still on lots of pain meds but we did start playing a simple object discrimination game, and, more than anything, she enthusiastically relished the attention.

Then, last evening, I lay down next to her. She burrowed toward me, snuggling her head onto my shoulder. In a moment, she was sound asleep, breathing deeply and contentedly.

Then, I realized, all that either of us really wants is to be together. Just "being" is enough in those moments. The love of a dog is miraculous.
One good outcome of the whirlwind of changes might be that R and I will become closer. Yesterday, the imp and I spent some time in the forest together, both playing and training. He did a frolicking recall through a tunnel of gold.
We were surprised twice by hikers at odd times and in unexpected places. As we practiced a recall, people appeared over a hill. R diverted his attention to them, paused, but remembered his purpose and came to me at the end. Here's the instant when he spotted the interlopers.
Later, he did a "stand-stay" atop a boulder near sunset.
A person approached from behind him but he stayed. I was so pleased with him. People are the greatest temptation for him, aside from rabbits and squirrels.
Spending time with my dogs makes me smile.


  1. And it makes us smile as well!

    Thanks for sharing these moments!

  2. Hey there KB
    I've spent a while catching up with your last few posts...sounds 'bitter-sweet' but quite stressful, but I think you are doing an amazing job. Sorry I've not been able to get around every day.
    Hopefully K will soon be on the road to recovery though.
    Your autumn scenery is exquisite and lends itself to such amazing photographs too.
    I was particularly interested in all your training equipment...usually we only see the hikes. Wow! You really are committed!
    Have you tried 'Tellington Touch' for K...if you are simply enjoying each other's company, then doggie-massage adds value....Max loved it!
    Keep the chin up!

  3. My favorite times with my pups are snuggling on the couch or wherever. The quiet times and surprise kisses are the best!

  4. Oh how I understand that ache of missing a dog (Sam - my heart pup), when out with Avalon (the learning pup). I miss Sammie even for these short walks - amazing. I absolutely get it, but I suspect K knows that her job now is to recover while you hang with R for the rides and with K for the shut-eye!!! K will be back on the trails with you soon and meanwhile, you two get to snuggle!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sam, Avalon and Mom

  5. You must miss her own your walk but I bet just bring around her is also good quality time
    Benny & Lily

  6. Agreed. While mine seem to prefer active events, they savor the simple cuddle as well.

  7. Beautiful. Such meaningful moments with both your friends. Love that photo of R zipping through the golden tunnel!

  8. I hope your quiet times with K and time to bond with R help make K's recovery time easier for everyone.

    I remember how your absence from your bike post-surgery opened a new level of forest exploration for you. I hope something just as good comes out of this.

  9. Oh, those amber eyes of K and R's glossy black self running through the aspens. You have blessings both indoors and out.

  10. I have heard it said that babies love the human face more than anything. Its just my idea, but I think dogs do too. Your lovely snuggle with K was a real gift for her and those up close moments during the day will continue to be very sweet for both of you. I too loved R tearing down the golden tunnel, a great picture!

    Jo and Stella

  11. The close-up of K simply melts my heart, and the pictures of R make me giggle, as it seems he still has a lot of puppy in him.

    My pup gives me many smiles throughout the day and for that I'm thankful.

  12. Spending time with your dogs through the pictures makes me smile too. While K's injury is horrible, it's good that you are able to spend more one-on-one time with R. He seems to be stepping up to the plate and it will surely help his obsessive drinking.

  13. I completely get this. With all the demands on my time/attention/energy, I often feel just awful that Lilly isn't get as MUCH of me as she usually does. But, as long as week can eek in a snuggle here, a little game there, we're both just fine.

    Sometimes in life BEING is enough.

  14. Being held hostage by Bear probably means more to both of us than any hike or activity we ever do. I think you got held hostage by sweet K during that snuggle and that made me grin from ear to ear!

    So happy that R is being such a good boy and that you are able to do some of the training you need to in order to get through his watery obsessiveness!

    Sending a million hugs!

  15. I love all the pictures, but that one of K is just so sweet!

    As I sit here typing with Bunny asleep on my legs, I have to agree with you! Today was just not a good day, but I came home, and life seemed a lot better!

    I'm glad you'll have time to get closer to both of them!

  16. I think that's why we were put on this make our humans happy!



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