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Monday, September 13, 2010

Long and winding road

Our whole pack went for a sunset hike last night, enjoying gazing at the mountains and feeling the tranquility of the forest.
This morning, I thought hard about my lingering blues and concluded the main culprit was a ratcheting up in my spine pain. Then, I had a PT appointment today, and my conclusion was bolstered by her observation of lots of inflammation around the titanium plates and rods in my lower back, placed there about 6 years ago. That's a new one for me. My fingers are crossed that it calms down all by itself and doesn't become another reason for a surgeon to work on my lower back.

This morning, K and I headed out for an easy bike ride. I had to cinch down her muzzle because she was pushing it aside with her paw to sample the local mushrooms. Now that's a resourceful dog. Shortly after I tightened it, I saw this.
Yep, she was trying her old trick of pressing her muzzle into the ground to get tasty tidbits stuck to it. I'm sure that she was disappointed to find a pine cone stuck there rather than a mushroom or scat!

K's spirits seemed much better today. I even caught her hurdling a branch!
Full of optimism, K stood tall atop a stump.
And then donned her muzzle for some more riding on the long and winding road of life.
Later in the day, I checked a wildlife camera set in a secluded forest opening.
And, I found a series of photos like this one. Extra points for anyone who can guess what animal it is! I'll tell you tomorrow.
These wildlife cameras keep me amused regardless of everything else in my life!


  1. K made us smile!

    As for the animal, it is a big one!

    Hope the lower back issue/pain subsides...

  2. Sorry to hear your back is flaring again. It's good you have the duo to raise your spirits. I found a dog trainer's blog, someone I want to take classes from. Looks like she didn't get far with her blog, but you should read her initial post at

    I love how she talks about the joy her dog displays and how what she owes her dog is to preserve that joy. Beautifully put.

  3. Sorry to hear about the back. Maybe your recent trip was just too much for it. Hope things improve soon.

    No clue on the animal but he sure looks big.

  4. Arg! KB! Hope the inflamation is checked or put in check. Doesn't sound pleasant at all.
    That pinecone luring muzzle! Oh my oh my!
    Well....would the furs be those of the camera thief? If not...we will vote...BEAR! :) Hmmmm, or of a very smart, resourseful bear that has a pretty extensive video cave!?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Fingers crossed that the back inflammation calms down!

    I'm guessing it's a deer, but I'll be curious to see what it really is.

    You know, you can get stool guards for those muzzles that will solve the problem of eating stuff through the end. They aren't very expensive. We have one around to help keep the dogs from licking wounds and stuff mostly. They have small holes in the end, so they can get a drink if they need to. Hawk used to dunk his in the water bowl, then carry his water to the living room with him. They do work pretty well, though!

  6. I'm fairly sure its a giant wombat, thats what it looks like anyway.

    I'm sad you are having back pain again, maybe your Doc would have something besides surgery to do???

    Stella and Jo

    Our word verification is
    daggsfus and thats probably what that animal is, a daggsfus!Thats Norwegian, pronounced dawgsfuse which means fussy dog.

  7. 'K stood tall atop a stump'. What a great picture.

  8. Kia ora KB,
    I am sorry to read of your ongoing pain, and the fires and thefts, ect. It is no wonder you have felt a bit blue. The fact you still carry on and are inspired by the wild and your wonderful friends never fails to move me. I still battle melancholia from time to time and have come to accept it as part of who I am, though certainly since having my hip replaced and in less pain it seems those episodes are less frequent. i send you all the positive energy and thoughts I can. Kia kaha my friend.

  9. long and winding the trail through the aspen trees...
    hope the inflammation settles and the pain subsides...
    when is shroom season over?
    i think it is a bear!
    hope today is quiet, serene and less painful....

  10. Hope the inflammation clears on it's own. K is too smart for her own good, it seems.

    Whatever the animal appears LARGE!

  11. Ugh, KB. I'm sorry to hear about your back. I can't believe you're still out there exploring. Paws crossed that you find relief soon.

    K's muzzle picture cracked me up! I see determination runs through the household!

    Alright, can I have two guesses? Either a coyote or a bobcat. I'm leaning toward a bobcat belly.

  12. Definitely an ewok...

    I too am sorry about the continuing pain and can so relate. I love this time of year, but it brings the return of the cold weather pain I can't seem to escape. I'm glad you're able to get out with K to help keep your mind on more uplifting things.

  13. Inflamation is the key to a lot of bad feelings: physically AND mentally. I'm convinced. Lots of times when we feel blue, we don't realize that there is inflamation going on somewhere in the body because i think we're used to "living with pain" or even ignoring slight uncomfortable physical feelings to get through the day. that's where I love yoga (tho since i've been here I haven't practiced much, i confess). Yoga, like cycling, is very meditative, but it's more meditative on the body, alignment, feeling of weakness or strength, flexibility or inflexibility, noticing good pain or bad pain and just really being aware of it all. I am back to riding my bike but i will get back to yoga for that very reason. I love it. I sure hope the inflamation goes down. i meant to say yesterday to "cheer up man! you have a bunch of interweb friends, canine love and all that fresh air... try to find a way to find humor in idiots ... well, try..."

    also, i haven't been reading long enough to know WHY you can't let them eat the mushrooms. are they poisonous or are they just eating too many?

    glad you're out and about. i had my 2nd ride today and i'm loving being back on the bike. planning to climb a "Col" by the end of the month! woo hoo!

  14. I hope things calm down with your back .. just the mere thought of more surgery has got to be stressful for you.

    I cracked up over the muzzle with the pine cone stuck in it. LOL

    I'm guessing it's a bobcat belly caught on your camera .. can hardly wait to find out the answer!

  15. Sorry to hear about the inflammation and hope it goes away...and SOON! I'm guessing the picture is a bear but it's just a wild guess.

    Loved the pine cone.

  16. Wonderful pictures. We are guessing bear...but maybe something smaller. Our mom has back issues and she understands how it can get to you! She says keep your chin up!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  17. That K is ever-resourceful! I guess it's good she's wearing the dreaded blue muzzle cap. I just love that trail through the aspens. I wonder if stress is acerbating your inflammation. The fire, the cams, etc may have put your back into high alert. I hope you can get it calmed in some natural way.

  18. So sorry about the swelling around your lower back - you've been so up and positive for so long that you are bound to have (hopefully short) stretches of pain, mentally and physically - thus sapping energy. I'm hoping that it will pass soon, KB. I'm always encouraged by your getting up and out with the dogs to take those beautiful trails through meadows and woods - love the pix of K! What a smartie pants! And I don't know what to guess - a human's large, large dog? Must be a bear, but can't fathom! Be better soon!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  19. Hi Wild Dingo,

    The muzzles are to prevent the dogs from eating wild mushrooms. I'll spare you the details but those 'shrooms have caused a lot of drama in our pack in the past.

    Also, I'd love to do yoga but my PTs and docs say no. My alternative is meditation, although I get out of the habit sometimes (like recently). I need to get back to it. It's a great natural method of pain management.


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