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Friday, September 24, 2010

K is home

K is home. She has a big cast on her forelimb, and kind of hops along right now. I'm sure that she'll get used to it over the 6-8 weeks she'll be wearing it.
 She settled in with her purple octopus, although lying down seemed to be hard for her.
Then, she decided that she wanted to hang out on the deck with me. I brought out a soft bed and she settled in. So far, she only licked her cast, and it has nasty-tasting "no chew" vet wrap on the outside. She made a funny face and hasn't tried again. I hope that she stays away from it so that she doesn't have to wear the dreaded E-collar!
This morning, while K was still in the hospital, R managed to clear some time in his busy schedule to join me for a short mountain bike ride.  He actually does have a busy schedule now... he's officially been diagnosed as an obsessive-compulsive water drinker (his disease is called psychogenic polydipsia). We're undertaking a behavior modification plan to try to curb his obsessive drinking. But, I'll save that fun stuff for another post!
I thought that he'd cheer me up - and he was successful! I was laughing as the boisterous R tried to wrestle with me when I wanted to hug him! And, as we rode along the trails, we were so out-of-sync that it was funny. As my friend Houndstooth said about one of her dogs, whenever I zigged, R zagged! Fortunately, nobody crashed or got hurt, and, by the end of our ride, we were working almost like a team.
R does things his own way. This is a trick that he learned by imitating K... but he threw in the dramatic look over his shoulder. His shaved belly is from his ultrasound last week.
Atop Hug Hill, we saw a wondrous sight - a dusting of new snow on a peak that we climbed this summer with the full moon setting above it.
 And, later in my ride, I saw even more snow coating a distant high mountain.
These sights made me a little sad. Our world will be in the grips of winter by the time K can even walk any distance. However, I reminded myself how thankful I am that the surgeon could fix K's paw. The worst-case scenario was that he wouldn't be able to fix it, leaving her permanently lame. As of today, we have a chance, a reasonable chance, that she'll run again someday.


  1. Get well purrs for K. The snow does come early in Colorado, doesn't it.

  2. Happy hopeful thoughts for K! I'm waggin my tail and sending my most positive thoughts your way :)


  3. I am glad K is being a good girl and hopefully won't have to wear the dreaded collar ... UGH!

    I got a chuckle out of the zig-zagging R.

    Beautiful pictures of the full moon .. it was awesome here also.

  4. Khyra wishes she 'khould pawtograph K's khast'

    Lots of healing vibes headed West!

  5. Oh K, poor baby. One thing good about your cast..lots more hugs and attention
    Happee Friday
    Benny & Lily

  6. Happy Belated B-day to K! I'm so glad she's back home with you and recuperating in the love of family. I saw the snow capped peaks on my way from Denver to the Mountains this afternoon - wonderful!

  7. Poor K :( Give her a snuggle from us.

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  8. I'm so glad the surgeon was able to fix the leg. Nasty tasting no-chew wraps! Wish we'd had that when our other dog had an ACL repair.

    Another glorious set of photographs. Hope R's training goes well.

  9. Good to hear there is cautious optimism for K. We can see why lying down might be uncomfortable for her until she figures out what to do with that inflexible paw. Good for R figuring out a way to make her Mom happy.

  10. So glad K is home is doing well. You'll just have to learn how to mountain bike in the snow!! :)

  11. Wow! It's really something to see the mountains with snow on them already -- and with no smoke (that I could see) in the skies around them! That's a beautiful shot!

    I think that is my all time favorite picture of R! What a hambone! I suspect he and Blueberry would get along famously!

    K looks as pretty as ever. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that it happened now. She won't be able to finish the fall season of biking with you, but a long winter of rest might really help her to make a full recovery. I was trying to figure out if her injury was a lot like the ones many Greyhounds end up with from running. Some of them just amputate the toe and then go on without much trouble at all. I really hope that she is back on her feet with you in no time!

  12. The word 'forlorn' sprang immediately to mind. What's the betting a certain someone is getting a lot of attention ?

  13. Happy K is home and the surgeon did a good job. I think you shall spoil her rotten - and find a lot of quite games to amuse her. Love EM

  14. It makes me sad to see K in her caste but it sounds like the surgery went well, and that's good news! Would you be able to elaborate on K's injury for all the geeks in the house? I'm curious about which/where tendon.

    Heal fast, dear K!

    So glad R is to the rescue, delivering smiles. Love the picture of you and R. What a goofy boy!

  15. The photo of K made me wonder what she was thinking. She probably won't mind the muzzle after this.

  16. Yay for K (and we are sooo sorry we referred to K as a boy in our comment yesterday - we know she is a lady doggeh!) and we hope she will keep her toofies off the cast!!! We cheer the vet who was able to operate - the strides that have been made even in the last five years in the veterinary world stun us! Dear K - hope she stays calm enough to be able to run alongside you on your bike come winter. Those pix with R are terrific - look forward to hearing about the water issue - yikes. And the snow dustings are amazing with the aspen yellows in the foreground - beautiful! It must be rather cold at night?
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  17. oh, DAMN, it hurts my heart to see sweet K with that cast on her leg...........Somehow,, you two will see it through and be the better for it, I KNOW !

    Licks and kisses to K <3


  18. That's good to hear, that K has a chance of full recovery. I know you will do everything you can to make chances higher; I know K's in good hands.

    That moon picture makes me drool...

  19. Just now catching up. 1st ... I'm glad to hear that R's water issue isn't a health-related one. Granted, being obsessive about drinking water isn't a coveted behavior, but I'm sure you can improve it.

    2nd ... I'm glad to hear the post-op prognosis is good for Miss K.

  20. I absolutely HATE it when my dogs are in pain or they hurt. I'm so sorry for you, K and R. that cast, that LOOk...poor K.


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