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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dust in the wind

By some kind of miracle, our situation seems stable despite howling winds for 24 hours. The amazing fire crews (900 total fire fighters plus the planes and helicopters) have battled furiously against the winds and kept the fire 30% contained. The winds are supposed to die down soon, and I don't think that the fire perimeter grew during them. I'm very thankful that we've come through the last 24 hours without more major losses although I'm mindful of how much has already been lost.

On our road, there's a fire lookout point that gives a good perspective of some of the evacuated houses. I've visited that spot a number of times over the past few days to check on the fire's status, and I've stood next to strangers straining through binoculars to see whether their house still existed. Some discovered the horrible truth as I stood nearby. My heart broke for them.

Yesterday evening, spot fires were breaking out all around us due to the low humidity and high winds. Each one seemed to be completely unrelated to the main fire - caused by campfires out of control or downed powerlines outside the original fire perimeter. The Duo and I did a fast hike up to Hug Hill in wailing winds to check out a smoke plume that a neighbor had seen. No one was sure if the fire fighters had found the source of that particular plume. So, I checked on it, and it was gone. The Duo and I could relax after that good news!
R still strained to catch every scent on the bursts of wind.
Do you ever feel like a speck of dust caught in the powerful forces of the universe? I do. And, K looks tiny in the wider backdrop of our natural world in the photo below.
Perspective is everything.


  1. Thanks for reminding us of that -

    Just as the gas line explosion in San Bruno reminds us the very same thing -

    We'll continue to think good thoughts for all -

  2. Sometimes I refer to that feeling as like a fly on the spine of the World. Your own world looks so normal for being so close - one just never knows. I'm relieved that the fire has not spread through the high wind period. Cannot get over how glossy R looks.

  3. One more day down. Glad all is still more or less OK.

    We are in the midst of some very severe thunderstorms with tornado potential. Mother Nature is showing how powerful she is.

    Maybe it is just my interpretation of the situation, but the pups look less at ease than usual. My little one is hiding in her crate, a first for her.

    Once again, take care and stay safe. Good thoughts and prayers from this end.

  4. I look forward to your "You are There" news each night. It sounds as if control is coming and that is my hope for all.

    How heartbreaking to stand next to one who has lost their home!

    Jo and Stella

  5. You are certainly right about perspective! I'm so glad to hear that you are still safe and haven't lost anything dear to you. I love that last picture of K!

  6. I can't imagine how sad it must have been to stand near your fellow Coloradans as they discovered the fate of their homes. Fire is so powerful, in some ways, more powerful than any other natural substance on this earth..

    I am glad that things seem to be over with for now. Here's hoping for a week's worth of rain to dampen everything again.

  7. I'm praying that this is the last morning I have to wish ' hope it's sorted by tomorrow'. May you enjoy heavy rain tonight ! Must be heartbreaking to see your house disappearing - a strange slow motion admixture of hope and reality until the reality wins.

  8. So glad you continue to be safe. I can only imagine the heartbreak of seeing your house destroyed, so really feel for your neighbors.

  9. Arg! Fires and winds. Just so happens that we are listening to morning news talking about the CO fires. Hoping things are tappering. We are certainly seeing some flarups in our Sierras. Stay safe, enjoy and lots and lots of hugs to the Duo!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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