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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Thanks to all of you who have sent us good wishes. The fire is still 0% contained and has grown to about 11 square miles. However, the winds have been persistently blowing it in the opposite direction from us. Of course, that means that other people's homes are in grave danger, and I feel terribly for them.
As we watched the fire from a lookout point last night, we saw houses literally exploding like torches. Then, as soon as the combustible gas in the house was exhausted, the fire would dwindle slightly, revealing a house frame. I literally felt sick watching it.
We have no internet service, a by-product of the fire. So, this will be short because I am imposing on a friend.

This morning, K and I went out for an easy ride. Heavy smoke permeated the air so we took it easy on our lungs. Because it was early in the morning, the heaviest smoke still lay in the gulches and canyons, as you can see behind K in the photo below.
K acted incredibly worried on our ride this morning. Her head hung low and she didn't exude any joy at all. She's such a sensitive dog. I did convince her to hold her head high for one photo.
Normally, the view below extends endlessly out onto the plains. This view gives you a glimpse of the terrain that the firefighters are working in.
By the end of our ride, even a 14,000' peak was enshrouded as the rising wind drove the smoke out of the valleys and into the mountains.
Aircraft buzzed around us, giving me the feeling that the authorities were hard at work.
However, by the end of our ride, the skies looked as bad, if not worse, than yesterday. The smoke wasn't any closer to our house but extended forever, as far as I could tell.
Please don't worry if I have no update tomorrow. Our internet will be down "indefinitely" so I may not be able to post anything. Also, have no worries, if we're told to evacuate, we will. We are not planning to stay with our house to the bitter end. Better to lose a house than a life.


  1. Hi KB,
    I am late getting this news - a friend blogger from Maine actually E-mailed me about the fire, asking if I was close by. I immediately panicked about you and came on-line. Stay safe, friend, and get out in good time if they tell you to evacuate. Be careful breathing those fumes, too. My thoughts are with you and with those losing their homes. I'm also thinking of all that wildlife habitat going up in flames.

  2. What a vivid mental image seeing the other homes caught. I can only imagine the feelings you are going through seeing that (guessing the horrid combination of relief and guilt all wrapped together).

    Stay safe and know that we are all praying for you and your family and home.

  3. All of you will be in our thoughts until you can let us know -

    I thought about you watching the news tonight - and seeing others mention 'this' on the blogs -

    Paws crossed for all -

  4. I can't even imagine watching homes go up in flames. What a heart breaking ordeal for people.

    Our wishes and prayers for you and your pals and neighbors are that the fire gets contained soon and all are safe. So sad to think of the wild life not being able to get out.

    Jo and Stella

  5. It must be heartbreaking to watch the world around you burning. But we are so glad to hear you are OK. Thanks for letting us know. You will all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. I am glad you were able to post tonight! I watched the news this morning and when I heard that the fire had spread six miles overnight, I was really worried for you. The images of the burnt houses are so sad. We are praying for you all to stay safe and that your home won't be damaged by the fire. You're so right, it's not worth staying when there's nothing you can do to stop it. Take care!

  7. yikes! we will keep all our paws crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  8. Thanks for posting this update in what must be an anxious and draining time.

    Paws still crossed.

  9. Hope tomorrow holds better news for everyone there. I imagine it's terribly sad to watch.

  10. Stay safe. Paws crossed that everything turns out ok.

  11. Yikes. Stay safe, and hopefully the winds will give the crews a break soon...

  12. Hope the autumn rains arrive soon. Very soon.

  13. Hi KB Hope the fire stays away from you and soon shall be put out. Very scarry to whatch houses burning.Sorry for the people who lose their home.Stay safe - and be careful with the smoke. Love EM

  14. Hope you are ok - fire is so scary as it can swing round and catch you so quickly - as many learned in Australia last year.

    Mother nature is having a field day - think I will choose our earth shakes over fire though...

  15. I'm so glad you're okay, KB, and so sad for those that aren't :(

  16. Hi there KB...
    I am thinking of you so much! I know that 'sick' feeling with fire. As a little girl on the farm, I watched as my mother emptied our house in a bid to save its contents - luckily the house escaped the flames.
    Hopefully it will rain soon and the winds will be dept at bay.
    I am thinking of you guys. Stay safe.
    With love

  17. I, too, worried when you hadn't posted, but I knew you wouldn't be a holdout. However, I can't help but think about the cameras you've already lost. Yes, better to lose a home than a life, but to lose a home and everything in it...

    My prayers and thoughts are continuously with you and all those in the mountains. I keep praying for rain and no wind...

    and for the safety of the firefighters, of course.

  18. Stay safe!

    Thinking of you and yours across the country in SC.

    The Heartbeats

  19. Hi KB, WE've even had smoke up here near Fort Collins-but for some reason I wasn't worried about you because I thought you were higher up closer to the divide. We used to deal with fires in our hills and backyard when we lived in Ca. so I know how disconcerting it can be and the fire looks way too close to your home. Glad you're ready to leave if need be. I haven't heard yet whether it's contained today but hopefully it is and the rain expected will help.
    Noreen & Reggie-dog


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