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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gorgeous ride

We awakened to smoke in the air, bring that edge of worry back. However, I couldn't see a fire anyplace nor could I find any news of a growing fire.
Colorado's Smoky Mountains...
K and I mountain biked this morning. She's growing happier each day despite the muzzle. I give her occasional muzzle breaks during each ride, like this one for a recall. From out of the darkness...
... and into the light.
We rode through aspen groves where every light ray glowed yellow and green in the sun's illumination.
And, my K posed for me with mountains and yellow leaves behind her.
A hillside of aspen trees had grown noticeably more yellow overnight.
In the midst of autumn colors, flowers still bloomed. A ubiquitous yellow flower...
And lupines...
It was a glorious ride because our world is beautiful beyond words.

When I returned, R made me giggle, yet again. He wriggled on his back while loudly snorting.
Then, he noticed he camera and gave it the eye and a snarly smile!
Tomorrow, R will be having an abdominal ultrasound. Do you think that he'll lie still on his back without sedation? Methinks not. He's having this ultrasound to start figuring out why he has a serious drinking problem. He's slurped tremendous quantities of water for his whole adult life but his drinking has recently skyrocketed to new heights. His initial tests showed that his urine was so dilute that we needed to start investigating the cause of his wildly obsessive drinking. The ultrasound is one step.

The best outcome would be that there's nothing physiologically wrong with R. Rather, he might have "psychogenic polydipsia". In other words, he's obsessed with drinking water. We already know that he's a crazy Lab so that particular diagnosis wouldn't be a huge surprise!

I hope that you all are having a peaceful day.


  1. Khyra says her paws are khrossed fur R!

    AND her mom says GREAT pics today!

  2. And you know that Colorado Smoky Mountains cracked us up here. Our Great Smoky Mountains are amazingly clear the last several days.

  3. When that first picture of K came up, I thought it was R at first! Such shadows and drama in those beautiful CO Rockies! Hope there is no fire - maybe just huge winds - the Sierras can look sort of like that on a big windy day? And those aspens and flowers are just so lovely - what a wonderful early morning ride! We too are crossing paws for R - will be thinking of him tomorrow. And... what was that giant hairy thing in the wildlife camera, or did I miss a post heheh!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  4. Hoping for the best news possible for R and you. Those two pics of her at the end made our Mom giggle too.

  5. You definitely live in one of the most consistently beautiful places I've ever seen!

    Good luck to R tomorrow! I can just imagine how much fun he'll be coming out of sedation. Is diabetes a possibility? We'll have fingers and paws crossed for him tomorrow!

  6. thank you taking us along on your beautiful rides. We are just starting to see the green-yellow haze in our area. I hope the ultrasound goes well and that there is a logical explantation for his excessive drinking. Prayers will be with all of you.

  7. Hi KB, Just another thing for you to worry about! I'll be thinking of R tomorrow, hoping all is fine. I saw a bit of haze over the Continental Divide today, I'm hiking off Hoosier Pass tomorrow - hoping to see yellow!

  8. What a sight the Aspens must be...with the color changing daily. Here's hoping R's problem is a small one. There are so many causes of polydipsia. Hope they can identify and easily treat the cause.

    The weather here is crisp and clear. Our Smoky Mountains are likely more clear than yours right now.

  9. Yes, I must agree that although sometimes our Smoky Mountains do look like your pictures, lately they've been extremely clear and beautiful.

    I am amazed at how worn some of the paths you ride are ... is that simply from you everyday outings, that others hike/bike there too or that wildlife travel there on occasion.

    Your flower pictures are amazing!

    Hope all goes ok for R.

  10. The autumn pictures are just beautiful.

    I am interested in Pat's question about who makes the path way for walking or biking. Is it you on your bike? Dogs? Bears?

    R, we wish you bestest luck at the vet tomorrow! Let us know, please.

    Stella and her Mom

  11. Hi KB, So glad there wasn't another fire, after the 4 mile fire and the reservoir fire I'm ready for clear blue skies. I don't miss worrying about my hillside being on fire.
    Our Reggie dog doesn't compulsively drink water but has always been an obsessive licker-the carpet, the comforter, the couch-which is leather and parts of his body.
    Don't understand it but maybe he was weaned to early.
    Hope everything goes good with the ultrasound.

  12. Sure hope things are finally getting under control and the fires are all gone. We feel so bad for all the people who lost so much. Glad you were all safe!


  13. Beautiful photos! Wondering if you find tics lurking in those tall grasses? Found one in my shoe from last weekend, but none on body nor on Sierra.
    Hoping R is just fine and perhaps an eager slurpaholic?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  14. Good luck with the ultrasound. Those slopes in the top photo sure look arid.

  15. R is such a goofball! Paws crossed that his drinking problems is only a result of the goofiness.

    Glad that K seems to be getting use to her muzzle. I know I can feel down when Kona has a rough run.

  16. I believe the smoke may be from the Loveland fire just a bit north.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with us down in the city!

  17. I love the "coming into the light" series. Makes me think of a Gloria Estefan song of long ago...

    I hope R is okay and that the ultrasound doesn't turn up anything nasty.


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