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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A storm on the horizon

Our K had a love of rose hips from when she was a tiny puppy. She'd stop in patches of wild rose bushes to munch on the rose hip berries all winter long. Alas, I keep thinking of her this year because there are almost no rose hips in her favorite patches due to our long-term drought - she would've been very disappointed. Here's one of the few rose hips that I found.
I remember when K started nibbling on these berries as a playful puppy, and I asked my vet if it was okay. Her reply was that the only danger was that K would scratch a cornea on the thorny stems. Despite our usual bad luck with vet issues, that never happened! Using a macro lens loaned to me by a generous friend, I captured a close look at the details of those thorns. It's amazing how every thorn is different, and how the stem looks like a intricate sculpture when I look at it in detail.
Whenever I'm going through a rough patch, I think of K a lot. With my neck, arm, and hand pain these days, she's been on my mind. But, I've managed to re-focus on who I have here with me now.

I recently took my first close-up photo of Shyla's eye, like I used to do with K's eyes. I adore Shyla's eyes... they're different from K's but glorious in their own way. Notice the shadows of her lashes on her golden eye in the photo below.
R's eyes are harder to photograph up close because they're so dark. But, I love seeing the reflections of our snowy world and of me in them.
And, I love seeing the Duo together, with R so clearly the big brother, watching over his little sister, even though she's a pest sometimes.
Apparently, we're about to get a big storm, with some much-needed snow - up to 20" - but I'll believe it when I see it after this year of storms just missing us. We desperately need to break our drought so I am rooting for a monster storm. Shyla sprinted through our oddly thin layer of snow this morning.
This morning, the clouds were already hovering on our horizon and creeping closer to us, boding well for snow.
What a beautiful world!

P.S. A few new readers have asked about the origin of my spine problems. It's a hereditary condition that is causing my discs to degenerate at "break-neck" speed. I've had several vertebrae in my neck surgically fused and another few fused in my low back region. I usually can manage the pain through lifestyle adjustments but occasionally I go through phases like this one where the pain is almost intractable. This time, I have some carpal tunnel issues on top of the spine issues (hence, the wrist splints) so my nerves are being pinched in two places. Hopefully, if I'm patient, I'll recover without needing more surgery.


  1. First- last photo LOVE IT! I hope you get that storm. It has snowed here all day long. MOM took me out in it for a great walk/hike. It just keeps coming down and down. That rose hip berry stem is so cool MOM said she could look at it and look at it. Great shot.

  2. Since I am an 'eye person', I've always LOVED your pictures of the pups and their eyes!

  3. WE hopeyou get the storm you are wanting. We always feel better when the mountains get lots of snow and even though we have had tons of snow, our mountains are still below average. They call it the Lake affect here.

    But today was beautiful and the storm we had today that dropped about 12 inches in three hours is heading your way.

    My Vickie can't get enough of the pictures of K and R sitting together. Everyone of your photos were top notch again today.

    Bert and My Vickie

  4. I thought of you and your girls this afternoon. Otto and I came home from our walk as the sun was starting to set. He was waiting in the back of my SUV to be told he could get down (I know!! Amazing) and the sun was making his golden eyes glow beautifully the way Shyla's and K's always do in the sunrise. SO beautiful!

  5. Such a beautiful photo of Shyla's eye! We do see the eye lashes.
    I hope you get some beautiful snow!

  6. I feel so horrible for you with your pain. It seems particularly cruel because you are so vibrant and active. I admire all your photos, but the one of R and Shyla is so lovely.

  7. Super close-ups, one truly great macro lens, the eyes tell everything, and two together, perfect.Hope the splints do the trick, and you get some snow, Still scorching here, 27C = 81F at 5.30 p.m. well after the mid=day heat has gone. Greetings from Jean

  8. We are sure that duo can help you through your pain, beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  9. The pix of Shyla and R sitting together is just wonderful, the others are too, this one just caught my eye in a special way!

    I do hope you can work out your pain problems in a special way, dear girl, and I suspect if anyone can do it, you could!

    Thanks for your thoughts on my blog today.


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  10. The DUO pic really caught my eye today too...that is a lovely picture of the two of them together. Sure hope you are feeling better today and not in so much pain...hoping for snow in your corner of the world!!

  11. Wow beautiful picture of the duo together , how qute.
    Hope you have a great day.

  12. Rosehips are Sophie's fave too, must be the Lab in her! I worried about the thorns so we help her with the little red morsels. We haven't walked the trail with those rosehips much this winter because of certain circumstances. I know when we do finally get back to that area she'll devour them.
    I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and hope that the uncomfortable pain is manageable to some extent. Pain, any kind of pain just dampens the spirit and burdens the load. Shyla and R, I'm sure sense your situation and snuggle in for comfort.
    Take care and thanks for dropping by.
    Ron and Sophie

  13. Hang in there. Patience in the face of pain can be so, so hard to hold on to. :(

    Wishing you ease and relief and continued joy in your animals and your lovely home. Your pictures and your courage in the face of challenges are inspiring.

  14. Magnificent photos, as always. The one of Shyla's golden eye is outstanding!

    Fingers crossed the pain abates son.

  15. I do love your photography, and the macro shots are wonderful!

  16. Love the eye shots - the world looking back at you.
    Take care, although you know everyone wishes you that... Wish I could think of something 'new' to say!

  17. Beautiful beautiful pictures, I must have got lost along the way, as I was going to Roxy the Traveling dog from my blog.

    So glad I have found your blog xxx

    Miss_Biggun ~ Dawn Hart

  18. What a wonderful variety of shots today. Never thought the closeup of the rose hip branch would look like that--WOW!
    The lab duo is just fabulous and the last shot is breath taking.
    Hope your pain is easing. Send some of that snow my way, please!!
    Have a great week KB and pack.

  19. Hi there, I loved these photos-incredible. We were up in Estes thsi weekend for snow shoeing, the snow started last night and kept on. The drive home today was a bit yucky but we are home; it is snowing so heavily here but Loveland got slammed. Hope you get a substantial amount. Stay safe and warm friend!
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. We adore the picture of the two of you together! We hope you get your snow!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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