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Friday, February 1, 2013


We've reached the magic date. I bet you're wondering what I mean. The sun rose exactly between the two peaks that sit to our east today - February 1. I'm hoping to get a photo just one minute earlier tomorrow so that you can see the peaks and the sun!
Of course, Shyla and I were out on the trails to see the sunrise. We play all sorts of games to start the day in the rosy glow of sunrise. In one of our games, she's decided that "taking a bow" should include resting your chin on the ground whenever possible. She adores these games! See her tail in the photo below - it wags continuously while she does her tricks.
I decided to add a dash of red to today's photos by having Shyla wear my neck warmer. It's fleece and very warm. In the freezing wind, like we had today, she seemed to love it.
When we returned home, I started my vigil, waiting for R's test results as I worked on my computer. I'm told that the results of one test have arrived at my vet's office but not the results of the second test. For some reason, they are waiting for both results before discussing them with us. There's still a chance that we'll hear something tonight but it's getting less likely by the minute.
I mentioned yesterday that sometimes Shyla's playing seems too intense for R, and we wish that he'd tell her to calm down in dog language. We're basing our expectation that he'll lay down the law with Shyla on all the other pairs of dogs that we've had. For example, K was very good at telling her younger brother R to "chill out" with the most subtle curling of her lip. She was clearly the boss, and R followed her rules very carefully. He never made faces like this one at K!
Until R clearly establishes himself as the "boss" with Shyla, we interrupt their playing when R seems overwhelmed, and I ask them to do some obedience during the interruption. It takes the edge off Shyla's intensity and gives R the break that he needs.

Hopefully, we'll have good news to report tomorrow - but there's also a chance that we won't know the test results until Monday.


  1. We'll be saying prayers over the weekend for some good news.

  2. We'll be thinking happy thoughts for you and keeping our fingers crossed....

  3. We hope the results come soon! Waiting is hard.

  4. Waiting with you all... and holding your hands & paws!


  5. Fingers and paws crossed here for good results.

  6. Waiting for anything is one of the hardest things I do. Its childlike I am sure, and try to fill the time with other things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I too will do some walk around prayers for R. In agreement with you that he will settle Shyla down before too long.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. Fingers crossed for good results!

  8. Sending some woofs over for good news! Once again, gorgeous photos!

  9. Paws remain crossed!

    Allie was the boss of Gizmo and Bart; Gizmo was the more dominate of the boys. We were hoping Bart would step up with Ruby, but no, he lets her have all the toys. She'll walk right up to him and take a toy even though he growls at her. Neither of them is very bossy. When I think about possibly getting another dog I don't want to have a new one come in and dominate Bart and Ruby. They are a great pair. So I've decided to just enjoy them!

  10. OH the waiting game. Not a favorite of ours. Paws and fingers crossed and hearts open and sending love
    Bert and My Vickei

  11. Early morning walks...watching the sun rise is the best time of day!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Sending along lots of prayers and good thoughts for you all...paws crossed for good news! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  13. R is in me and MOM's thoughts and prayers. And we LOVE the photo of Shyla resting on her brothers paws.

  14. We have all our paws crossed here too!

    Pack dynamics, even with two dogs can be an interesting thing to watch.

  15. All fingers, toes and paws crossed here for good news! I love that photo of the two of them together! Wow!

    Our first pair of Greyhounds were both so mellow and sweet that neither of them was ever really the boss, either. They were totally fine with that arrangement, too.

  16. Waiting is so hard, nothing you do can make it any less worrying.Maybe R needs some time to adjust to Shyla's youthfullness, after K's ways.
    Be brave, Kia Kaha, from NZ down under. Greetings from Jean.

  17. We are keeping R in out thoughts and paws are crossed that everything is okay. I think R learned from K how to tell Shyla to chill out.
    We are waiting with you KB.
    The sunrise is just spectacular.

  18. Holding our breaths and whispering a positive mantra as we send you strength and good news energy. Waiting is the worst part of any thing, I believe. Feel us with you.

  19. WOZERS! R is totally CRACKER INSANE! Love it. and i'm loving Shyla's coy playbow. She puts her own little twist on it! :)

  20. Our paws are crossed for you, R!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  21. waiting is the hardest part...try to have a good weekend in spite of.....
    (my benny won't correct the other two dogs...)

  22. We are keeping paws crossed.

    Sam is so nice that he will let Monty pester him non-stop until I intervene. Aaron always tells me to let it go, Sam will tell Monty when he has had enough, but I don't think Sam will ever do that.


  23. Here's hoping you hear all good news from R's test results!

  24. Crossing my fingers for good news. I love that Shyla is doing so well for you. I worry about R, and y'all too, for having to worry.

  25. KB, I will be waiting to hear what the Vet says....not as anxious as you, but you've gone through so much over the last several years-I don't want you to have to walk that path again. Girl, I also have to say I am so impressed that you are up before sunrise every day-wow! I am not one of those that easily rises early and it in the winter we sleep in later. I've been walking but so tired of this cold/sinus bug and not having the energy I want. I love your photos and every time I glance at the mountains, I always think of you!
    Hugs, Noreen

  26. What a wonderful sunrise you saw! I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

  27. Thinking of you tonight.
    Mom said she will light a candle on the table for sending prayer out to you
    xo Cinnamon

  28. Here's hoping for good news from the vet. My grand dog is the same way with Dexter. He doesn't know that no means no when Dex tells him enough. Training intervention is always a good idea. Shyla will get it eventually. Big hugs to R.

    Mango Momma


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