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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a day!

During our trip, we decided to spend some time in a new place where we'd never camped before or explored the trails. Things went a bit astray while we were there.

The weather continued to be tumultuous, with flash flood watches and lots of lightning. We were camped in a spot where the fog tended to settle.
It even got cold enough for our first taste of snow. Believe it or not, this was just a touch... there would more later in the trip.
On our first morning in the new spot, we awakened to hear Shyla doing the "freight train" sounds that come before vomiting. We managed to get her out of the LabMobile before we had a big indoor mess to clean up. When we went outside as she vomited, we saw that the LabMobile had a flat tire. It wasn't shaping up to be the greatest day of the trip, and the sun hadn't risen yet.

Alas, by lunchtime, Shyla had vomited about 15 times. She seemed forlorn and exhausted. It was time to find a vet before dehydration became an issue since Shyla couldn't even hold down water. Fortunately, the Runner had already put the spare tire on the LabMobile so we were able to go.

We quickly packed up the LabMobile and headed to the nearest town. Ironically, as we'd driven through it previously, the Runner had pointed out where the local vet hospital was. I'd laughed and said "but we don't need a vet!". Ha - the joke was on me.

We lucked out, and the vet could see us right away (even though we couldn't call ahead due to no cell phone service). On the way there, R had started drooling like an open faucet so we brought him to be examined too. The vet gave Shyla some fast-acting meds to stop the vomiting, and she gave both dogs antibiotics for their guts. She also sent us away with fluids to give Shyla subcutaneously if she became dehydrated. The vet was a little worried that Shyla had an intestinal obstruction, which would have meant that she'd keep vomiting despite the meds...

Thank goodness - both dogs seemed to improve almost immediately. Whew. We felt like we'd dodged a bullet.
We were all overjoyed.
We spent one more night close to that vet just in case we needed her again. She'd kindly even given us her pager number in case we needed her in the middle of the night. Everything still seemed fine the next morning and early afternoon so we headed back into the hinterlands.

And it snowed, a lot, at just slightly higher elevations than where we were camped. But more about that later!
I think it's the earliest that I've ever encountered a substantial snow even high in the Rockies.
Shyla and the rest of us were happy again!


  1. Such a beautiful world that you visited.
    Thank goodness both R and Shyla recooped from their sick tummys.

  2. Glad Shyla and R seem better. You never know what a dog gets into in the wilds. My guys love eating wild animal poop and of course not all water is fit to drink....It is surprising they don't get sick more often!

  3. Whew, you had us worried for a sec there. So glad you were able to get to a vet so quickly and the pups bounced back well.

    Snow???? Seriously???? The pack will be on their way.

  4. Looks like Shyla and R had a good songfest after they got better. You were lucky to be so close to a Vet and night time number no less.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  5. Nature and the weather in your part of the world is beyond my experience. I love reading your descriptions. So glad both pups are doing well. That's always scary.

  6. Wow I am so glad Shyla and R are doing ok. That must have been scary.

    Anne and Sasha

  7. I love the happy singing pictures :-)

  8. Yikes, that must have been scary. Glad you were near a vet. Gad every buddy is feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  9. So happy things worked out in your emergency. Poor Shyla! Definitely a memorable holiday.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Thank goodness you both recovered quickly! We love the picture of the two of you singing!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Thank goodness for that vet! Glad both pups are Ok.

    Just doesn't seem possible for it to be snowing in August. But of course this is Florida so we just don't consider snow at all.


  12. I wonder what they got into? Hope they never find it again, whatever it was! So glad all's well.

  13. So refreshing to hear about snow so soon, maybe it will be a good winter for water storage. I am so glad the pups are ok especially that there is no obstructions to worry aobut. Now you can all keep enjoying your adventure which means we ca all continute to enjoy it tooo

  14. Nothing freaks me out more than a vet emergency away from home! So glad everyone seems better.

  15. Not all adventures are good adventures! So glad there was a vet nearby and Shyla and R responded so quickly to treatment! Acute vomiting episodes are so scary. Snow on the peaks in August is amazing!

    Susan and Wrigs

  16. The scenery sure looks pretty. Sorry the doggies got sick, but glad to hear they're doing ok now.

  17. Glad they are better. Was it maybe the water from the lake? Whenever I travel with dogs I always make a list of the vets in the area just in case.


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