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Friday, February 6, 2015

A Crazy Winter

After our big snowfall earlier this week, it has turned ridiculously warm. The snow is melting at an incredible rate. When Shyla and I rolled out the door this morning before sunrise, it was already 40°F!

It was that warm despite the cloud cover to the east that dimmed the sunshine.
Although long mountain winters can be tough, this crazy weather is making me realize that there are a lot of things that I like about a real winter. I don't mind the cold, after I get acclimated to it. And, with my amazing new Meriwether fatbike, it's going to take really big snowfalls to stop my trail riding. Moreover, I love the sweet silence of the forest when snow is falling. So, I say, "Bring it on!".

I have been curious about whether the warm spells have been luring bears out of their dens. This year, no bears are snuggled in the den that I monitor. I've checked the "normal bear paths" several times this winter after warm spells, and I haven't seen bear tracks (but I have seen cat tracks - photos will be coming soon). So, my guess is that the bears may be sun bathing in front of their den entrances but they aren't walking far away from their dens. That's smart - because I feel sure that Winter will be back again soon.

Thanks to the warmth, I was able to pedal through the heavy melting snow up to Hug Hill. That was a treat - and both Shyla and I enjoyed visiting the vista. In normal winters, the snow makes it impossible to get here for weeks on end. So today's visit was a treat.
Happy Friday! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in response to my post yesterday.


  1. crazy up/down temp swings all over this country!

  2. It was 86 here yesterday afternoon. We need rain. They keep talking about 'atmospheric rivers' dumping rain. Hello??

  3. Such a beautiful shot. You just have to like whatever mother nature has I suppose. (says the woman who chases the good weather)

  4. Such a beautiful shot. You just have to like whatever mother nature has I suppose. (says the woman who chases the good weather)

  5. Such a beautiful shot. You just have to like whatever mother nature has I suppose. (says the woman who chases the good weather)

  6. I love your silhouette pictures so much! They are so pretty!!

  7. Send some of that warm weather this way and I'll gladly send you some of our snow.

  8. Such a crazy winter - we are getting up to 60 - rain tomorrow.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. It's been mostly spring here, too. Muddy dirt roads for Andy going up to the land.

  10. Ridiculously warm here too. It was in the mid to upper 60's today!! MOM's trees are starting to bud and I have seen little flowers trying to poke through the earth. Crazy!!

  11. What a wonderful break from the chilly-ness!!

  12. Winter feels good when temps climb to 40 degrees. Enjoy your Saturday!

  13. We have had very strange weather here in New York as well! It seems everyone is feeling it this year!

  14. That first photo is perfectly timed! You only had seconds to catch it just like that!

  15. Crazy here in the South too, warm, below freezing, snuggle, repeat!

  16. We're happy to see Shyla up on Hug Hill. Always such beautiful photo's from there.

    We hope that the bears are staying safe.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  17. We're having a Real Winter so far this year, and although it does get wearing trudging/swimming through deep snow to do the chores, I hope we do NOT have weird temp fluctuations as we did last year. I think that is what caused bizarre shedding patterns, and despite a lot of effort I lost much of the annual cashmere harvest. When you only get ounces/goat in a good year, you really don't want to lose any.

  18. That is a crazy winter. January was unseasonably cold with little snow here. So far February has been slightly warmer, with more snow, and more snow in the forecast. Enjoy the winter!

  19. We are finally getting LOTS of rain, butts they are really warm storms and it doesn't feel like winter at all! I like the cold too, and Ma loves it, so it's kind of a bummer so far, butts really not too much to complain abouts.
    I wish we got some snow like you guys!
    I thinks it would make some really FABulous margaritas!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  20. Hi Y'all!

    I think Mother Nature was too busy making everyone miserable in the Northeast to worry about your winter.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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