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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Joyous Sunset Hike

The other afternoon, the Duo and I had one of my favorite afternoon hikes. Both dogs were full of zip and joyousness. R ran with abandon.
And the setting sun cast a warm hue on all of us. Unlike one day recently, there were no moose occupying our favorite sunset spot so we could play there. We now have two pairs of mothers and their calves in our neck of the woods but they've been docile and nearly invisible recently.
We played recall races. For some reason, Shyla has decided to let R win every time. I tried changing the starting set-up in different ways but, if they were at all close together at the start, Shyla hung back.
I suspect that R's intensity about these races has intimidated her a little bit. He tends to bump her and then cut her off at the start if I let them start too close together. There's no doubt that she's the faster runner of the Duo now so it's not speed that's winning these recall races.
As the sun set, I could tell that the clouds hanging over the Divide were going to light up beautifully. I snapped one more photo of the handsome Prince before heading to a rocky promontory where we can see the setting sun most clearly.
And, the sunset did not disappoint us. It was one of those evenings that it was worth standing out in the cold after the sun had set, just to see nature's light show above our ski area.
Now, we are about to be hit by a big snow storm. One forecast says it will be the biggest storm in the past five years. Only time will tell. As winter wears on and I start to wish for spring, I remind myself that our big snowstorms feed those wildflowers that I love so much. 


  1. I think Shyla is being very considerate. I love R's slight tongue sticking out as they race along.

  2. They are so cute with their recall races! R does look intense about it! I bet you're right about why Shyla's hanging back! I love the sunset photos! :D

    When we do recall races, Phoenix usually wins.

  3. Those sunsets are so pretty! It looks like a whole other world.

    I love the recall games! I do those with Nola and Pike all the time. Pike is insanely fast (I have literally never seen a faster and more agile dog in my life), but Nola always wins them. I think he's a little timid of her temper. ;)

  4. just beautiful. i think shyla's letting R win so he doesn't wear his elbow more...

  5. Shyla knows there is no need to hurry. I think her confidence knows she is the fastest!! Now its time for big brother to shine!
    How we love these photos!! The snow and your world is so beautiful...
    hunker down for the next storm!

  6. That first photo of R sure does look joyful! They are a wonderfully handsome (beautiful) Duo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Love the photographs of the gorgeous dogs and the beautiful sky. Ellie could outrun Lucy any day of the week. But Lucy made up for it in cuts and weaves. Don't blame Shyla at all for not wanting to get bumped. Better to let the big guy think he won again.

  8. R is just stunning and Miss Shyla is a true beauty!!! They are both winners with us:)

    HOpe the storm isn't too bad for you.

  9. Perfect clouds for a great sunset.

  10. Shyla is so good at picking up on anything, maybe she knows that R's elbow is not the best, and lags behind on purpose, as any caring girl would do. Gorgeous skies.

  11. Good luck on the snow storm. Outstanding sunset pictures, and "prince" is exactly the right description for regal R.

  12. Wow! What a stunning sunset! You are a sweetie to let R win, Shyla!

  13. Hari OM
    Winter's tail is lashing here also, our hills white once more; not like yours though! Love the 'sky-fire'... YAM xx

  14. That was a gorgeous sunset, definitely worth getting cold for. We have been having horribly cold weather lately (much colder than normal for Northern Va) with lows close to zero each night, but we do not get rewarded with pretty sunrises or sunsets :-(

  15. I like the way you won the race R :o) and your sunset is just wonderful, maybe our sun will see it and maybe it can learn how to disappear with style lol
    easy rider

  16. What a beautiful portrait of R....You can almost see the intensity in his eyes!

    Lovely sunset!!

  17. All beautiful pictures, but that sunset is stunning.

  18. There is a dog in the cloud of the first sunset picture (top left) made me really smile. R is most definitely a Handsome Prince, he just glows! And Shyla, the prettiest lab I ever did see! :)

  19. I think Shyla may defer to R because of the pecking order...or because she sees it means more to him.

  20. Gorgeous sunset. If I had a better camera, I would be able to share some of the great sunsets I've seen here. I always think to myself, "Man, I hope somebody is taking a picture of this!".

  21. We've been slammed pretty hard with snow this winter. I am taking hope in sound of the birds who sing so optimistically each morning.

    Beautiful sunset.


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