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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Winter Week

It's been the week that winter arrived with a vengeance. Shyla saw it coming over her shoulder.
After it arrived, we spent the rest of the week trying to cope with, and maybe even enjoy, the snow!
Finally, today, I'd managed to pack down about 1.5 miles of trail enough that I could ride my fatbike! I had to stay exactly in the center of the packed path or I'd come to a sudden halt in the deep snow along the sides of the trail.
Similarly, every now and then, Shyla would come to a halt in the deep snow too! Can you imagine how much energy it takes for her to go through that snow? It astounds me.
But after a brief rest, Shyla always got going again. I will never get tired of watching her romp in the snow.
Now that I have a little bit of trail that I can ride on my fatbike, it's SNOWING again! I feel a bit like Sisyphus. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, it won't snow too much so I can ride again tomorrow!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Hard to believe but it has been snowing almost all day here and we barely have a few inches. The pack is very happy to have some of that glorious white stuff to run around in. Hope you can get out for a good ride again soon.

  2. Keep rolling that rock. Sorry the snow keeps messing up your trail. Shyla must sleep well indeed.

  3. Sisyphus, yes the rock will roll down by itself all over again, just like the snow that falls, Shyla is loving this so much, I can see her delight in every photo.

  4. Shyla is too cute! I hope you are able to ride again tomorrow!

  5. OMD, those pics are priceless!!! You look so happy Shyla...I wish I had snow I could romp in!! Do some snow zoomies for me, okay? (thou, I guess 'zoomies' would be optimistic in that deep snow,huh?! BOL)
    How abouts you just keep your Moms on the trail, and guide her through the deep stuffs? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  6. First day of Autumn here, it was just over 100°.

  7. Indeed....Shyla's joy is so evident and contagious!! We have been hearing a lot about fat bikes here on the news. They are becoming very popular! Love seeing your beautiful photos! Be careful out there!!

  8. We just love to see you playing in the snow and having fun, Shyla ☺

  9. Your look beautiful in the snow... maybe I would like it too, with such a beautiful girl on my side?
    easy rider?

  10. Although we are not fans of snow here in the South, we are super fans of seeing that Shyla snow fun!!!

  11. Such incredible pictures of Shyla in the deep snow. What fun she had!

    You should send that bike picture to the bike company. Would be a great testimonial on their product.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. Wow, Shyla was almost totally covered by the depth of snow!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. OMD that's a lot of snow!

    Aroo to you,

  14. It is amazing to see how easy Shyla makes it look as she bounds through the snow!!

    Hope the most recent snow stayed on the lighter side!

  15. It seems that our pups have been bounding through snow that deep for the entire month of February. Sometimes I worry about them pulling a muscle with the amount of effort it takes to porpoise through snow that deep.

  16. You're so lucky to have that snowbike so you can ride in these conditions! I've been grounded since February 14, and it's beginning to drive me nuts! Gorgeous photos of Shyla!


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