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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Stormy Saturday

This morning, I saw the gray day outside and turned over to go back to sleep. Eventually, Shyla and I headed out for a snowbike ride as the leading edge of a big snowstorm hit us.
It is hard to predict how much snow we'll get, partly because we're so close to the Continental Divide. I've seen a wild range of predictions from 10" to several feet.

While Shyla and I were out in the forest, we were sometimes engulfed by clouds and then, just as fast, they'd blow away. It had already been snowing lightly overnight and all morning. The world looked very wintery even before the main part of the storm hit!
Because I'd slept late, we were riding later than usual and ran into a group of off-leash dogs for the 4th day in a row. Usually, because we get out early in the morning, we see other people and dogs about once every 2 or 3 weeks.

We were on a side trail, approaching the main trail as the dog pack came into view. The group started sprinting toward us. I raised my hands like a traffic cop, and firmly told them to "stop". To my disbelief, they did! Meanwhile, Shyla lay down in the snow behind me, hiding by flattening herself into the snow. I don't think that the dogs ever saw her.

In fact, even I didn't know where she was. I chatted very briefly with my neighbor, and then I said that I needed them to depart so that Shyla would come out of hiding. As they left, I looked directly behind me, and voila - she was lying about 10' behind me, immobile in the snow. Shyla waited to lift her head until the whole group was moving away from us.
And then she ran to me as the group vanished into the clouds and snow.
I congratulated her on an excellent hiding strategy, and then we played with a toy to help her forget the group.
She played so happily. She took one leap so high that it looked as if she was levitating.
Shyla doesn't get very rattled as long as off-leash dogs don't get too close to her. I wish that every meeting would go as well as it did this morning.

Now, we are sitting by the fire, watching the white-out outside. We had planned to go to a concert tonight but we've decided that driving our mountain road would be too treacherous. Moreover, just minutes ago, a key part of our route was closed due to accidents. So, we'll stay here cozy and safe while we watch our snow storm.


  1. good plan to stay in, i think! smart shyla. way to go on the evasive move!

  2. Good job Shyla. And MOM and I think that an evening by a fire beats a concert any day.

  3. Glad she handled that well. We are surprised the dogs knew STOP!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Shyla is not only beautiful but very smart too:) We hope the snowstorm isn't too bad so you can out again tomorrow. Stay safe and warm.

  5. What a good smart girl, Shyla is!! I wish Phoenix would hide from dogs! Instead she charges full speed ahead to get them before they get her. A lot of the time she's just overly excited and inappropriate with her greetings. Generally I can get her to recall off and 180 back to me right away.

    You've motivated me so much to get up early with your sunrise rides! I've been getting up early and taking my husband to work and hitting the trails early and it's not as stressful! I'm learning to love it even though I'm not really a morning person.

  6. Smart girl, drop low, hide in the deep snow, and all will be OK.Superb photos, I am glad you are home and safe, Duo and Runner for the best company.

  7. So glad things went well and Shyla ended the time happily playing. Cozy and safe sounds good. Hope you don't get a tremendous amount of snow.

  8. Once again, Shyla has shown what a clever girl she is. Perhaps she's taking lessons from the wildlife who hide in threatening situations.

  9. I am so glad the people stopped when you put your hand up! And Good job Shyla for hiding sooo good!!! Yay!
    We can see you made Shyla very happy by having her wonderful toy right there for her to play with!
    Yes,, get the mind off the scaryness. Sometimes Shylas protects you,, and sometimes you protect her. You are both so good for each other..
    We hope your family is enjoying the snowy evening together,,, what a beautiful snowy wonderland.

  10. Good thinkin' Shyla! And good work Mom! So glads that those doggies knew the stop hand gesture! Bravo to the owners! I see that you recovered just fine, and played to your hearts content! I'm glad you guys are safe and sound in the warmth of your home.
    Oh, and no, Ma hasn't ventured into the Botox for her migraines yet. Though, after this last month, she is seriously rethinking that idea. There were two downsides to it that she had to consider: one the cost, insurance does cover some, but not all, and at 1200 to 1500 for the series of shots it is a huge chunk. Second was that it only lasts 3 months. that breaks down to 500 a month or about 120 a month with insurance. It is probably cheaper in your area (ours area is outrageous in pricing!), and you probably have better insurance than Ma does, so it might be worth going for. Let me know if you do!
    Anyhu, Shyla, do some snow zoomies for me huh?! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  11. Oh your world changes from moment to moment. What I love is how you all adjust to it so well.

  12. I'm glad you're safe and warm inside. Good for Shyla for hiding, and for the dogs stopping. Since it turned out so well, maybe in the future she can hide without getting too stressed.

    It makes me sad to think of her being upset.

  13. Crikey Shyla sure is a clever girl, aye?? Well done both of you!! Those pictures are really beautiful.

  14. Hari OM
    Shyla the flyer!!! Making the most of the white stuff. Got a huge wind and wet wet wet here...(there is a reason the Glasgow band took on that name y'ken!!!) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  15. Gorgeous photos. I love the airborne capture!

  16. That is some storm! If we ever had that much snow here we would be closed for 2 months!

  17. oh you have a white beard like santa :o) stay warm and comfy and enjoy a sunday next to the fireplace :o)
    easy rider

  18. I do know those feelings when dogs coming running at you -- I'd probably do the same thing that Shyla did. Glad it went well, and I hope you had an enjoyable evening--There's no place like home in any weather!!

  19. So proud of Shyla for finding a way to be brave.

  20. Way to go on keeping yourself hidden, Shyla! We love to see you happily playing with your Wubba ☺

  21. I love the snow beard! Shyla is one smart cookie! I am also amazed that the dogs knew the stop signal/command.

  22. you sure did get snow
    fun, i guess ;-)
    we still have a dry spell, i think all of Feb. has been well above freezing in the day. 2F when i woke this morning, so the snow is quite hard. Heading out for a good walk now. good to see your photos.

  23. Interesting strategy that Shyla has worked out! Macy LOVES dogs buts fears the people...

  24. We wondered if you were getting the CO snow we heard about! Go, Shyla!!!

  25. Shyla was smart to flatten herself like that. When I first had Blueberry and we were on one of our first hikes, a couple of horses and their riders were coming up on us so we got off the trail and when I looked down, I saw Blueberry had completely flattened herself on the dirt and didn't rise until the horses were at a safe distance. These days though, she is very interested in them and has actually tried to chase them when she's seen them cross a lake.

  26. Wow that's pretty impressive. I would love to have my dogs react that way to other dogs. Instead the dogs in our area (including my own) will rush to sniff/greet each other. I often wish for like minded dog peeps to practice with.


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