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Friday, May 1, 2015

A Special Black Dog

I had some special time with R today. He needed a bit of exercise so I was glad to oblige. Long-time readers know that R has had obsessive-compulsive disorder since he was a little puppy. It mainly manifests as excessive drinking. When he doesn't get enough exercise, he empties every bowl of water in the house. If I refill them, he empties them again and again and again. Drinking that much water isn't good for a dog so we try to make sure that he gets enough exercise every day.
He and I did a short mountain bike route, and we stopped for photos along the way. This incredibly green field was covered in a couple of feet of snow two weeks ago. It's amazing to see what it looks like now - so GREEN! I love seeing R's black figure against the green field.
The layer of ground covering makes it a very cushioned field for running. R is an incredible athlete. Before the downfall of Lance Armstrong, our vet used to call R "the Lance Armstrong of dogs" because his heart is so strong (and his heart rate is so slow). He can run almost endlessly (his elbow is his only constraint).
I love when I get to spend special time with R alone. He's so focused on me and obsessed with doing whatever I ask him to do as fast as possible. Indeed, I have to be careful because he'll try to launch himself onto towering boulders if I make any motion that seems to suggest that I want him to. He's a very different dog from Shyla because he's so headstrong and completely confident.

I love our Black Dog!

Happy Friday!


  1. he's so handsome. glad he's feeling well!

  2. Well.....we can see how happy he is to be out and about with you!

  3. Oh dude ~ look at you GO!!!! I am so happy that your elbow is feelin' better, and thats you gots some one on one time with your Moms!! YEA!!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. R is so cute! That's awesome you got to spend some one on one time with him!

  5. It is obvious how much he enjoys his special time with you!!! You do such an incredible job of photographing the "black dog". Have a great weekend.

  6. MOM and I love him too. So powerful. No doubt he enjoyed his time with you.

  7. I wish I had that much energy!

  8. R is one of a kind.
    So sweet and handsome at the same time.
    Happy Crazy Love
    xo Cinnamon

  9. What a beautiful happy boy! He looks fantastic out there!

    So jealous of your mountainess backyard. Would love to have my own hideway someday to let the dogs run on their own. :)

  10. You are smiling in every single picture, R! We love seeing you having fun☺

  11. Fun post seeing just R! I wonder if that water drinking thing is a Lab trait? A good friend (who I met thanks to our dogs) has a chocolate lab and he drinks a lot too. I'm not sure I'd call it obsessive but it's pretty close. He's an ancient old boy now and the effort to get to the bowl has slowed it down.

  12. That face is happy, happy, happy!!!

  13. It's great to see a black dog in motion... the muscles and the effects on the fur are amazing!
    easy rider

  14. Happy, happy R! It shows how much he loves to run.

  15. Its nice to see some pictures of R he is such an attractive dog.

  16. R does look so beautiful against the colors. I am happy he can get out and enjoy it all.

    Anne and Sasha

  17. I didn't know R had OCD. Our Gemini developed it when our Loki was dying in the form of obsessive drinking. She also was very obsessive with her toys her whole life and would pile them.

    R is such a beautiful dog. It is nice that you and he got special time.

  18. We love R so very much, and he is so beautiful!


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