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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rainy Days and Web Scrapers

We are in the midst of an endless deluge of rain, bringing back memories of the horrific flood in September of 2013. We are still doing our best to get outside each day, even if it's raining. I keep watching the data for our rivers and creeks - they are rising but still within their banks.

Today, during our bike ride, Shyla found a deer antler! She was very proud of her find. You can even see some of the raindrops falling out of the sky on the left of the photo but that didn't dampen her happiness!
Our spring flowers are staying closed all day long because it's been cold as well as wet. The hard part for them is that this rain will become snow soon. I hope the spring plants survive! And I hope that the lettuce that I planted the other day also survives!
Perhaps due to the weather, our internet was down all day. When I called the satellite internet company, they had me clear every cache and reset all my browsers on my computer, with the result that I'm "starting all over" with my browsers. They don't remember my usual websites or my passwords. And, after spending hours with them on the phone this morning, it turned out that the problem was on the satellite and not at our house. Argh.

So, to write this post, I Googled the name of my blog to find it quickly. Unfortunately, Google showed me that three more dastardly sites are stealing my content. The screenshot below is the worst of them that has pages of my photos and the RSS feed that goes with each photo.
I haven't had time yet to see if any of your blogs have been stolen in this way. I suggest that each of you Google the name of your blog to see what you find. This site will appear within the first couple of pages of results.

Each time this happens, I start out furious, and then I realize that I should feel sorry for anyone who needs to scrape content like this. They obviously have no content of their own to publish so they steal the content of others. I shall be sending a copyright infringement (and DMCA takedown) letter to them this evening.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. Our pack is happy, healthy, and living a full life. That's what matters to me, and bad people on the internet cannot affect us very much.


  1. i hope you don't have to deal with flooding! shyla is proud of her antler find. :) thanks for the tip on the internet thievery.

  2. WTF? I mean, WTFWTFWTF? GRRRR... Time to send the cracker to go knock on their doors. He has no patience for morons and theives. Especially theives.

    Love that spring flower shot. BTW, i was wrong, my camera is not 100mm macro, it's a 105mm. I went for the Sigma over the Canon, due to trying to save a few bucks. My treatment costs skyrocketed this month. I could buy a decent car for a one month supply of my IV abx, a NICE car for 2 month supply. sigh. Anyway, I digress. Would be fun to rent a cannon macro to compare but maybe it would make me bad. I like the sigma a lot. it's heavy, and it takes a while to hunt now and then, but I learned a few tricks to help it hunt faster. But in terms of quality lens, its on par with Canon for sure. I love the shots i get with it. The Bumblebee hinie is my favorite!

  3. That is some antler ya got there Shyla!

  4. We are getting pounded with rain as well. Of course we sooooo need it. Our winter was very light. I sure wish I could bite the stealer in the butt for you. Sheesh, why oh why must people do this. MOM is going to google mine and see what happens.

  5. I love that cute fuzzy flower. We are having a fair amount of rain too. I can't believe the jerks that rip off your site. I must be keeping a low profile, so far do good.

  6. Nice antler. We are dealing with rain too and the thunder is scary.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Wowzers - that is one big antler!!! Ciara and Lightning would love to gnaw on that. We are getting a lot of rain too, and all the noise and lights that go along with it:(

    I am so sorry about the stealing of your photos.

  8. That's scary about the flooding! I hope it doesn't happen again! Shyla is so cute with that antler!

    Ugh about the scrapers! :( I hate that so much!

  9. Shyla looks so proud of herself. And I loved her rain hat yesterday.

  10. Hari OM
    That looks like one of the places where people stick pins... I detest that particular network as they do not at all care nor respect copyright or simple courtesy of ownership. All the best with getting it taken down... You can engage 'no right click' as a hurdle for such things, and if it really bugs, then the effort of putting a blank layer on each image may be your option.

    So sorry you have to go through this.

    Meanwhile - brava Shyla, that be a mighty antler you got there!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. We think it's people who have nothing to write about....but it is STILL ANNOYING!

    That antler i really something. Hope she gets to take it home to chew on during the rain.

  12. We want the rain to not flood you too!!!
    Those stupid photo stealers make us so mad

  13. That;s quite an antler, Shyla! I'd be proud, too :)
    Sorry about the computer and internet frustrations. True, in the grand scheme of things not critical, but still not exactly happymaking! Sometimes we all need an antler to gnaw - or the equivalent. For me, it used to be splitting firewood, but that's not an option now. Hmmm, will have to think about this.

  14. Look at the size of the antler that you found, Shyla! That should keep you busy for a long time to come. Lucky you!

  15. OH my gosh, look at that antler. It's raining here, too.

    So sorry about the internet thing and the scrapers. What a huge pain. I imagine it is very upsetting.

  16. Shyla has a real find in that antler! I saw antler dog treats on someone's blog so looked for them next time I was at the pet store - oh my, just a few inches was $15!!! So no antlers for Toby. Sorry about the thievery KB. It's evidently the downside of having a high quality blog. Ugh.

  17. I hope for better weather and a full-working internet... except that picture thieves, of course :o(
    What a fabulous treasure you found, I will look too in my forest, maybe I will find an antler too :o)
    easy rider

  18. Hi KB, We are getting a lot of rain down here too; the other night we were at friends and it was pouring, had hail and the ice almost looked like snow. Reminded me of the tornado of 08. I still can't understand why others feel they can steal blog content-they need to get a life. It maddens me because you put in time and effort to get your shots. Now, I'm going to google my blog to see.
    Hugs, Noreen

  19. Hope the rain goes away soon....that antler is something else!!

  20. Whoa Shyla! You got one HUGE antler! That should keep you chewing for quite a while. That is just terrible when people steal photos! I better Google my own and see if any show up!

  21. Surprisingly we have never found a deer antler in any of our walks. That is a very big antler and she has every reason to be proud.

    That really stinks about your internet and content theft. I hope it is all resolved soon.


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