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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Forest in May

Clouds have settled onto our neck of the woods, dropping rain on us for most of the day, for the past several days. Because it's rain rather than snow, it feels as if we've entered springtime. However, just to keep us on our toes, it's supposed to change to snow in the next few days.
We've been out playing in the forest during hard rains. Shyla doesn't mind the rain at all, as far as I can tell. She has wonderful Labrador coat that keeps the water from getting to her skin. Her enthusiasm encourages me to get moving, even when I have to fight the urge to stay in the warm and dry house.
To my amazement, the rain seems to give Shyla extra energy. In the midst of a fairly long mountain bike ride today, she got an intense case of the zoomies. She tucked her butt and sprinted in circles around me, as I labored up a steep hill at a snail's pace. I laughed out loud about her happiness and her incredible athletic ability.
Every now and then, the clouds part and we can see further than 20 yards away from us. As you can see, at our elevation, we are literally "in the clouds" at times. In this case, the clouds were across the valley from us but at the same elevation as us.
I'm guessing that the wildlife are glad that this is rain rather than snow. It is usually snow in early May.

In particular, I've been seeing the same mountain lion passing trail cameras near our house for more than a month. I'm beginning to think that she has kittens stashed somewhere nearby because mountain lions don't usually spend so much time in one area except when they have small kittens. I hope that they're in a well-protected den so they can stay warm and cozy!
Here's to sunshine sometime in the not-so-distant future!


  1. Piper had her shots yesterday so she has been very quiet today - we skipped going for a walk in the woods. Probably tomorrow she'll be back to her usual self. I'm hoping to see the herons again :)
    I am so interested in the lion! Maybe you'll see babies someday :)
    We're having a sort of premature heat wave and lots of sunshine here, but I know if I skip covering up all the hay even ONCE we will have rain that night. So I tuck it in each night and uncover it again in the morning. It's like having pet hay.

  2. love that shyla did her scooting burst. :)

  3. It's very pretty! I couldn't live with that though - there's a reason we're in Florida!

  4. Shyla knows it's spring. It's been raining here, too - I sure hope it doesn't change to snow! We're supposed to spend several days in Denver over the weekend and beyond - unfortunately, rain is in the forecast. The bikes might not make it out of the van.

  5. You go Shyla, we love seeing your energy!

  6. Shyla is so cute! That's awesome that she is okay with being out in the rain. Phoenix is okay as long as it's not too cold but Zoe hates it. Even when they have their jackets on. Zoe will complain the whole walk.

    I think the forest is so neat when it's misty or cloudy out! :D

  7. I admire Shyla for loving being in the rain. I am not a fan of rain, nope. MOM sometimes has to hold an umbrella over me when I "have to" go outside. MOM and I do love walking among the clouds.

  8. Perhaps we'll get to see the kittens sometime. That would be a treat.

    We don't like water on our backs. Wading is okay, but definitely not rain.

  9. Ahh zoomies are the best. Mom loves it when I tuck my butt and take off.

    Aroo to you,

  10. The daughter of the mountains loves rain and wind, and snow and sun!

  11. These two younger sibes love the spring rains too. They love to run around in the downpours. Not so much the humans - we got caught in a sudden Kansas thunderstorm during the grandson's baseball game tonight - lasted just long enough to soak us to the bone:(

  12. These two younger sibes love the spring rains too. They love to run around in the downpours. Not so much the humans - we got caught in a sudden Kansas thunderstorm during the grandson's baseball game tonight - lasted just long enough to soak us to the bone:(

  13. Ruby nor Pip like the rain. Ruby will go out in it for a few minutes, but Pip used to just refuse to step out in the rain!

    That first picture is magical like something out of a fairy tale.

  14. What a wonderful feeling that must have been seeing Shyla running around you so happy!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Us pugs are not a fan of rain, we do better in the snow than rain, if it is not extreme cold. How fun - Shyla zoomies in the rain!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. We don't mind the rain either as long as we get towel dried when we come inside.

  17. It looks a little like "may-vember", seems we all have some fall-spring this year :o)
    easy rider

  18. I love that foggy shot. Torrey doesn't mind the rain, but her coat is so thick I don't think she even feels it. Roxy on the hand, hates it.

  19. Love that foggy shot! Wonder what will emerge from the mists.....?

  20. These are all beautiful, but I love that first one!

  21. I love that picture of the clouds on the mountains, and the one of Shyla in the rainy forest. As you may have noticed, we love rain!

  22. Here's hoping spring stays soon. Our snow is melting but there are still may deep areas to play in.


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