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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Chilling

Chilling out on a Saturday morning...
The "chilling" was needed after the playing.
My snowbike had to navigate both snow and cacti, all in one ride. Fortunately, I didn't run over any cacti!
But I did manage to break a pedal. I'm such a strong rider (hehe) that I ripped the pedal right off the spindle. Here's how my pedal normally looks:
And here's how it looked after this 110 lb monster yanked the pedal off its spindle...
It made for a slow and interesting ride home!

Happy Saturday!


  1. What a diversity of terrain you experienced on your ride. Snow, cacti. Hope it is easy to fix your pedal. I bet that was an annoying ride home!

  2. Back to the Merryweather team for repairs!!! I thought the snow might be in short supply by now, but I remember you saying some time ago the only months without snow might be July and August? and even them there would be a possibility of some.

  3. Hi there, Wow-what a ride! We didn't get the hail that you got; I'm thankful, but figure we could still get it at some point. Hope you get your spindle fixed quickly. It clouded up here today and I read that we are supposed to get rain all next week.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. That was some pedal problem. Howdy Shyla!

  5. What a wonderful picture of Shyla on the snow! After your ride home, I'm surprised you didn't lay down beside her :-)!

  6. Is that Shyla's reaction to the broken pedal? Hehehe. You are one tough bike ridin', Shyla lovin' momma.

  7. Snow and cactus....wouldn't have picked that!

    You are definitely a strong peddler...hope it can be repaired quickly.

  8. Hope you were not far from home when the pedal broke. Love the chillin' Shyla.

  9. SNOW??!! OMD, that looks SO refreshing!!! It's been a heatwave here, so that looks like heaven!!!
    And, you're lookin' good too gurl!!!
    Wows, I thinks your Moms is stronger than she thinks...maybe a titanium pedal for a replacement! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  10. Yikes - you did quite the damage, KB!

  11. That is a very unusual view of Shyla :)
    Sorry about the pedal, and hope it will be an easy fix. You just don't know your own strength, you mighty pedaller, you!

  12. snow&cacti, that's an interesting mix :o) I hope you can fix the pedal,maybe this weekend has a special karma what let things break?
    easy rider

  13. Yikes! What strength you have! Hopefully it will be easily fixed and you'll be back on the trail in no time.

  14. Superwoman! It looks like you wore out Shyla. So far, no blooming cacti on my travels this spring. Lucky you!


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