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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Seashells in the Mountains

I participate in a Flickr group called the "Daily Dog Challenge", and a recent prompt was "Animal, vegetable, or mineral?". It prompted me to pull out a treasure, a fossilized seashell that we found deep in the Rocky Mountains a long time ago.
The shell fossil in the middle and upper half of the rock by Shyla's snout. It made the geological history of the Earth seem much more real to me, finding a relic from when the Rocky Mountains were under the ocean!

You can tell that Shyla was out in the rain just before I took this photo. Our mountain weather has not been the greatest lately. At least we don't have a drought!


  1. Pretty colors - a great find! I found a fossilized fern near Leadville several years ago. One of my treasures. Snowing hard here!

  2. Howdy mates. Oh too cool. Our sissy has found some fossils in the Outback. Aren't they amazing. Hope your day is a great one.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Very cool! It has rained here all day long!

    Your Pals,


  4. What a great find!!! Who would have thought of seashells in the mountains?

    We have had a lot of rain too, too much all at once. We are under a tornado watch now, and more t=storms coming in.

  5. What an amazing find and a cool treasure.

  6. Treasures like that just blow my mind. What an amazing planet we live upon.

  7. Finding fossils is always interesting, especially when you consider how high the rockies are!

  8. Yeah, that is WAY cool!!! And so are you Shyla!
    Oh, and YES! Be happy you aren't in a's no fun here! Pretty soon Ma is gonna be taking showers in a bucket! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  9. That is one find to be treasured and keep always, Rain, we have had ample down here, huge flooding in Wellington and the Kapiti area, but that is nearly 2 hours south of our place.

  10. So interesting to find a seashell fossil. Near here there is a state park (Chippokes) on the James River. The river bank there is chock full of fossil seashells, most notably large "Jefferson scallops", bigger than your hand. The only bad part is, since it's a state park you can't bring any of them home.

  11. Cool find pretty Shyla! I heard y'all may get some snow?

  12. So cool. Isn't it crazy to find stuff like that?

  13. So cool. Isn't it crazy to find stuff like that?

  14. What a wonderful treasure! When I was a girl, the father of one of my good friends was a geologist. We used to get to go on field trips with him, to look for fossils and, once, to help dig up a mammoth skeleton that had been found in a field in eastern Washington state! I've loved geology all my life as a result, and I can certainly understand why you appreciate your beautiful world even more for finding this relic of its ancient past!

  15. That's a treasure
    Lily & Edward


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