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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bathing Bears

It is summertime. We and our pups play in the fields, enjoying nature's beauty.

Even the Columbines next our house (planted by me, the one with black thumb) are blooming!
Summer is in full swing.

Consequently, the bears are going about their lives in the forests near us. It's been warm lately so the few pools of water have become more popular. A young female bear took a bath in a pool with breaks to mark a nearby bear tree. She has a "mohawk" fur pattern so I thought that I'd call her "Mohawk" for now.

Sadly, I am starting to believe that there is open territory for a young sow or even two - which may be why an almost-adult sow is moving into the area. Two years ago, we delighted in watching the antics of Cinnamom with her two cubs and Mabel with her single cub. So far, I have not seen either of those sows this year. Healthy sows have cubs every 2 years so this year should be a cub year for both of them. I'm holding out hope that they may still appear but I'm also realistic. It's not easy for a bear to live a long life in such close proximity to their worst enemies - humans.

Here is a video of Mohawk taking baths and marking the tree. Notice that she carefully uses her paw to rub her face while bathing. She also rubbed her face on a pine cone. I think she had an itchy face!

I will be sharing more footage from a different pool in the near future. Not only did Tiny the Bear soak in it but a hawk, owl, and a mountain lion visited it! These pools are fountains of life for the wildlife in the summer.

Happy Summer!


  1. Summer looks so fun there! The bears are neat! I hope those ones that you were following turn up!

  2. Just amazing. I think you are right, she sure did have an ich.

  3. We love watching the bears. She DID have an itchy face, maybe she is allergic to that tree:)

  4. I love watching the bears and I do hope Cinnamom and Mabel are still around somewhere. But you are correct, that is nature's way. Sweet Shyla looks so happy running in the field of flowers. What a treat.

  5. This is sooo cool!! It felt like we were right there watching!
    So beautiful. Wow KB!

  6. Oh wow KB! That's a big bear! So cool to watch the video. Shyla is also enjoy summertime! We love the photos, too!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  7. Super footage, rub-a-dub-dub, one bear in a tub!!! Maybe she got some resin off the pine tree on her face? Your meadows are magnificent in their floral coverage everywhere.

  8. It is amazing how each season has those things that make you want to say...THIS is my favorite THIS ONE is...

  9. It is just such a treat, being able to peep into the world of these magnificent animals.

  10. Good thing she didn't poke herself in her eye itching her face. Those are serious claws! Love the columbine!

  11. They really do have some serious claws!! Love watching your videos! So glad that Shyla is enjoying her summer too. Your flower picture is gorgeous!!

  12. I hope the other momma bears show up. Maybe they are still laying low.

  13. I like how she scratches and wipes her face.

  14. Great footage!! Just loved watching her!

    Also adore that shot of Shyla in the yellow flowers!!

  15. I always feel like I am spying when I watch the world of the bears. I so enjoy seeing it. It is too bad we humans are such danger to all other species.

  16. Love the video. Hope the humans go take a hike!
    Lily & Edward

  17. Too cute! Talk about grin and bear it!

  18. What a great video! It's a secret window into a hidden world!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Mohawk seems quite dainty when she just dips her paw into the water. I hope she finds herself a gentlebear friend soon!




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