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Friday, June 12, 2015

See Beautiful

I love springtime. The world is bursting with new life, and it's so beautiful. The other day, as I coasted down a hill in a remote part of the forest, a mother grouse flew off the ground. She'd been sitting with her babies. How many do you see here? Their camouflage is sublime. I departed quickly so I wouldn't upset family life. The chicks were so young that they just froze when I was nearby.
I was glad that Shyla wasn't with me when I saw the grouse chicks (4 in this photo and 6 in total) so I could enjoy taking a quick peek at them without worrying about her hurting htem. However, she and I have had some gorgeous mountain bike rides recently.

Today, we rode through a meadow so full of wildflowers that it smelled sweet.
She ran with power and grace, enjoying a cool morning outing.
Sharing this springtime with Shyla is so special. Last spring, she and I were going through a tumultuous phase. She was testing the limits of acceptable behavior, and I was getting frustrated with her daily challenges to the rules. Now, we've found that sweet spot, where she's nicely attentive to me but has earned a little freedom on our daily rides.
I'll admit that K was a hard dog to follow. But, Shyla's sweet soul has shined, making me happier than I thought that I'd ever be again after K died.

Knowing how fleeting a dog's life is, I am reminded to stop and enjoy the beauty of each moment.

Thanks to Sugar for hosting this blog hop.


  1. Those chicks are so cute. And I can just smell those flowers. Thanks for the info on my mystery flower too!

  2. Very good camouflage. Took a second to see the two to the left in the photo. Beautiful indeed.

  3. Wow...those babies sure do know how to hide! Shyla shines as usual!


  4. Had to look closely to find those other two chicks. Loved Shyla in the flowering meadow.

  5. So beautiful...And such an interesting journey "learning" a new dog...

  6. There's definitely a bit of an adjustment period I guess you'd call it with a new dog after the loss of a heart dog. She is one lucky dog to have you! Beautiful pictures, and those chicks are so well hidden - I could only pick out 3! (The bear pics from the last post are amazing.)

  7. Lovely capture especially you guys are also having strange weather. Happy Seeing Beauty. Golden Woofs

  8. Love those pix of Shyla in the field.

    I keep reminding myself that nothing last forever, not us, not our furniture, not our computers, not our cars... and worst of all, not our dogs. They're family.

    Each dog is different and we love them deeply tho differently. That's the best part of having many in our lives. It teaches us different kinds of love. We should be so lucky to go to our graves loving so many different beings in different ways. :)

  9. What a difference a year makes. You can both just enjoy your time together.

  10. The chicks are sure camouflaged well. We had to really look to find 4! What beautiful shots of you running through the meadow, Shyla!

  11. I'm with you... every moment is as precious like a diamond... and every moment is a beautiful moment when we have our furry friends on our side :o)
    easy rider

  12. Those itty bitties are as cute as can be.

  13. Amazing camo, I really had to look to find all four chicks! Shyla is so filled with joy. It's a pleasure to see her on her romps.

  14. I'm so happy for you and Shyla :)

  15. It looks like some buddy else is enjoying springtime too
    Lily & Edward

  16. I had to go back and look again - great camoflauge
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. Hi Y'all!

    Once more a day to make a smile!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. Awwwwwwwwe! Baby chickies!!! they are adorables! And those wildflowers are just amazin'!!! I am so jealous Shyla! You gets to run in the most FABulous places!!
    Ruby ♥

  19. What a precious moment with those chicks. We love seeing all the baby birds around our yard.

  20. I would like to have a "little of KB" sprinkled on my soul.
    You keep going even though we know you hurt,,,
    and we love that about you,,, Mother Earth fuels with her love,,,
    and your able to see all the beauty,,, like the wild flowers. in the meadows,,, and how far you have come with Shyla,,,,
    and we just need some of "you " to sprinkle on us,, maybe in the next rain shower we have.
    thank you for sharing the beauty.


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