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Monday, June 1, 2015

Desert Life

The morning after the rainbow sunset was cloudy but not actually storming. So, we decided to check out a new trail in the area. The Runner took both dogs with him because we felt that the Duo needed to be leashed so close to a big canyon.

The trail followed the rim of the canyon, including every last little side canyon. It rarely was more than 10 ft away from the cliff.
Usually, I don't like trails with so much exposure but this one was fun because it wasn't very technically challenging. It was easy to keep a distance from the dropoff.
The views were endless. I could have stopped 100 times to take photos because looking down into the canyon was so breathtaking.

The Runner and the Duo also had a lot of fun so we decided to spend another night in the area. We tried to find a secluded place to camp but we didn't totally succeed. Every rim of the canyon seemed to be popular with campers. But that was okay for one more night.

We enjoyed the sunset from a campsite overlooking a side canyon. Shyla's clear eyes and glowing fur were beautiful.
As the sun was about to set, clouds filled the western horizon but I managed to get a couple more photos of Shyla before the sun was totally obscured.
In the next photo, I believe she was catching a wiff of meat being grilled in someone else's campsite. We don't eat much meat, and we always joke that our dogs would dump us without a second thought for a family that grills meat while camping!
Then, we watched the colors of the sunset evolve over the deep canyon.
Ending in the pinkish hue that means the show is coming to an end.
After enjoying the rim trail again the next morning, we were ready to escape to someplace where we would have total solitude. We happily headed toward a campsite that almost never fails to deliver peace, quiet, and incredible beauty.

Along the way, we saw a sundog next to a butte, telling me that there was lots of moisture in the air just waiting for another chance to nourish the desert.
The desert can seem austere, especially when I look at the photos after being there. But, in person, the landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful, and it's easy to spot springtime life sprouting in every little crevice in the rocks. The toughness of the animals and plants that call the desert their home is part of what makes me enjoy exploring the landscape so much.
Indeed, somehow, wild burros eke out an existence in the Utah desert. What a sight!


  1. such a cute herd of burros! love the 2nd to last photo of shyla - before she smells the meat. :)

  2. I could almost smell it too Shyla!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the way the sun light brings out her eyes

  4. It is so beautiful there! Shyla has the cutest look on her face when she's sniffing the bbq and I love the photo of the burros!

  5. Can't blame a pup for liking the smell of meat!

  6. Oh how I miss it, and love it. Great shots!!!

  7. Beautiful, and in all our previous camping days, Hugh would prefer remoteness, solitude, and being the only ones there, in his eyes... Perfect!!! Lovely sky colours, you capture them perfectly.

  8. That canyon is amazing! If I'd been there, the only thing that would have kept me moving (instead of just sitting and gazing) would be the fact that sitting is so uncomfortable after the first minute or two! So I would have gotten up and walked on again, but not for long before I'd have to stop and gaze...
    crikey, I'd still be there!

  9. Beautiful photos again:) Phantom would really have loved to meet those cute burros. Thank you for your comment about him yesterday. We all miss him so much too.

  10. It is indeed such a gorgeous place. Amazing how such environments can be so different and yet so lovely.

  11. Oh gosh, I don't think I could walk too close to the edge of those cliffs. Love those sunset pictures - so beautiful!

  12. Oh KB,, you captured splendor and shared it- thank you!
    Can we ask you what a sundog is? Is it a lizzard,, or a cloud?

  13. I love the burros! You always have something wonderful and unexpected.

    Thank you

    Anne and Sasha

  14. Crikey ..... I love the beach and would miss it if we were to move but fair dinkum ...... those deserts are soooooooooo beautiful. That canyon ..... OMD!! That sunset ...... OMD!! So, so beautiful!!!!

  15. Did you bring home a pair of little burritoes for me? :)

  16. Shyla that's such a beautiful photo of you in the sun :o) I had no clue that your have that you even have wild burros.... it's great that I can enjoy so much beautiful things with you :o)
    easy rider

  17. We love the picture of you sniffing steak or a hamburger, Shyla. It's just too cute! Gorgeous photos, KB!

  18. Yes, it must be seen in person to really enjoy its beauty!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Those drop offs are nerve racking. Do you worry about the pups getting to close?
    Lily & Edward

  20. Glorious shots! You all are far braver than me... I need to hug a wall when I'm that close to the rim of a canyon!

  21. Absolutely AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of photography with us!


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