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Friday, August 14, 2015

Feline Friday: Mother Bobcat and Kittens

It is our lucky year. Not only do we have a mother mountain lion and kittens in our neck of the woods, but we also have a mother bobcat with two kittens.

A long-term trail camera that hasn't seen much activity this year captured their antics. Mom arrived first and check out the scene.
I think she noticed the camera but she's used to my cameras by now.
Then, the first young one appeared. Look at that little kitten!
Soon, the second one emerged from the forest, and the three of them proceeded to hang out in front of my trail camera!
They started playing. To my low resolution camera, it looked like a big pile of bobcat fur. However, I assure you that mom and two kittens are in that pile.
Suddenly, mom and one kitten alerted, staring in one direction.
Very soon thereafter, mom got to her feet and led her kittens back into the forest.
These are, by far, the youngest bobcat kittens I've captured photos of.

I guessed that a mother bobcat had kittens in this area about 3 weeks ago when a trail camera captured a photo of a bobcat carrying prey. The only time that bobcats carry prey long distances is when they have a den of kittens who they are introducing to solid food.
So, we have another feline family to follow. This summer and fall are going to be fascinating!


  1. That is such a pretty family!

  2. Oh your wildlife is amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos. What beautiful colouring those cats have.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. These photos are fantastic! What an experience. You must be so glad that you have the trail camera.

  4. We love your cameras and what they capture - great to watch this family and learn so much about wildlife.

  5. So fascinating to see mom and babies
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Do you have to collect chips from your cameras and bring them back home to see what you've recorded? It must be like opening mystery presents every time!
    Thank you so much for sharing these images, KB. I really, really love the cats :)

  7. Another story of a beautiful family, and a mother who cares, and teaches her babies so much. Lovely photos.

  8. What a lovely family!! I can never say thank you enough for sharing the beauty of nature!!

  9. So exciting that the mother has chosen your camera area. Looking forward to them growing.

  10. The kittens are soooooo sweet! I love the cats. Thanks for sharing them.

  11. It's a great summer for your cats. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh so cute. And majestic at the same time.


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