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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mountain Fun!

Our first campsite on our trip was next to a cluster of lakes perched atop a mountain pass.
As Labs, our dogs adore playing in water. Every day that it was warm enough, we had lake play time.
R's enthusiasm is endless. He'll keep playing even after he's shivering from the cold lake water. We always stop the game when his shivering starts!
Shyla loves swimming as much as R does but she has the good sense to let us know when she's getting cold.
Near the lakes, many flowers flourish that need lots of moisture, like this Monkey Flower.
And a King's Crown flower...
After playing in the water, the Duo would dry out in the warm alpine sun.
We are hoping to spend some more time up in the rarified air of the high Rocky Mountains before the short alpine summer ends.


  1. I'm so jealous Cinnamon hates the water.
    Your sweet Duo must be having a fabulous time running around enjoying the Summer day.
    xo Cinnamon

  2. Such a beautiful place and such water fun!

  3. OMD!!!! LOOKIE AT YOU TWO!!!!! I am so jealous (no...not abouts the swimmin' knows I hates the water), butts all that green beauty!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh.....I thinks I'll just stare at your Moms pics a little while longer....
    Ruby ♥

  4. That looks like a fantastic place. We love water, too....not to that degree, we just love wading in it! Love the diving shot.

  5. What a lovely place to camp!! I just love the picture of Shyla reaching, mouth open, for her ball!

  6. So jealous! I love the last shot, and the one of Shyla with the ball.

  7. I don't think these two silly sibes would like swimming - they don't like their mini-pool here at all. Now if the lake were filled with snow - that might be a different story:)

    Awesome photos.

  8. As a former competative swimmer, I love R's form! He's pointing his toes and even his tail is pointed!!

  9. What great shots, and what a great time and special place to enjoy!

  10. I'm glad they had so much fun. My granddogs don't like being in water.

  11. Wow! I feel like I just went on vacation with you!! LOVE that camping spot. I miss the road when we are home. Our lab/newf mix used to really adore the water...he just couldn't WAIT to get on the boat and then he would leap off the front onto the island and off he would go exploring! What a time he had! We will miss him forever...he was a special guy. He enjoyed all of those things your dogs are doing. I am so happy to see R looking so well and enjoying himself!!

  12. KB so remarkable!

    Sophie and I just visited the river and I captured mucho photos of her in and out of the water discovering that her tail became a painter's brush ~ a trail of water streaming 'every which way but loose'!

    I will include in one of my posts some shots this month I hope.

    Alpine meadows ~ sheer serenity!

    We visited the one and only one in 1980 in Yoho National Park in B.C. ~ it's will forever be etched into my 'one and only place' that I truly love the most (even moreso than my ocean surroundings) !! I admit this without any arm twisting!


  13. R really looks like he enjoys that place
    Lily & Edward

  14. What a very beautigful day!!!! Splendorious!

  15. Such a beautiful area. We miss camping! Wonderful to see R out and about and looking so healthy and happy. Yippeee!!

  16. Wow. Those are such gorgeous photos of your dogs! And I really see now that R isn't just puppy in personality, even looks like one in that lake play photo - I bet you get asked how old the puppy is all the time ;)


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