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Friday, August 28, 2015

Unexpected Day

We woke up to clouds on the horizon this morning, both literally and figuratively.
R had come down with diarrhea on Wednesday. However, it didn't seem too bad so we tried to manage it ourselves with a bland diet and some mild medicines. Then, overnight, it got very bad and he started vomiting too.

The poor guy wasn't feeling well this morning, and we humans were sleepy from being awakened so many times last night.
We conferred with our vet, and the Runner took R to see her this morning. R needed to stay in the hospital because he was dehydrated and acting very subdued compared to his normal boisterous self.

Since there was nothing more I could do besides worry, Shyla and I got out for a late mountain bike ride. We did have some fun together. I loved this instant that my camera captured.
Then, I needed to shore up my trail camera situation. Someone has monkeyed with a couple of my cameras, and I added another layer of protection. I felt that this was urgent because the mother mountain lion with kittens denned near us has been so active recently. I don't want to miss any of her travels.

One camera caught her moving very slowly in front of it. First, she paused with her head in front of the lens.
Then, she paused with her body in front of the lens. I can't tell if she's still lactating based on this photo.
She paused again with just her hind end in front of the camera.
Finally, she departed.
I've been getting many photos and videos of her by my trail cameras. I know the general vicinity of her den with two kittens in it, and I know that this is an extraordinary chance to see a mother mountain lion's behavior when tending to young kittens. That's why I worked so hard today to try to make my trail cameras "monkey-proof". (Sometimes, I wish it were winter so the riff-raff would stay out of the forest!).

After all that, I got the news that R is on his way home. The vet says he is acting perkier but is still refusing to eat. Refusing to eat is extremely rare for R. I can think of only one occasion before in his life when he wouldn't eat. So, I'm worried about him. I hope his tummy starts to feel better soon and that nothing more serious is going on. I want to see him playing with his sister again soon!


  1. Oh drat, come on R, you need to get all better and start eating.

  2. We here are hoping that R will be just fine tomorrow. Hopefully just a bug. Hugs, we understand your worry.

  3. Poor R. So sorry he is ill again. Fingers and paws crossed here for a quick and full recovery. Not fair. It's just not fair for him to be sick again.

  4. Well well soon my little friend.
    We are thinking of you tonight.
    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  5. Sending visions of yummy things to R...bacon, yogurt, salmon jerky....mmmmmmm. Makes ya hungry, right?


  6. Oh R ! I hopes your tummy is feelin' betters very soon. I'm with Otto..I am sendin' you thoughts of fishes and bacon and chickens and lots of biscuits! I am keepin' my paws crossed real tight for you, and sendin' lots of AireZens to your Moms and Shyla. Hey gurl! I'm glads you got to romp today!
    And Ma is LOVIN' seein' that Mountain Lion up close! Wows!
    Ruby ♥

  7. Hoping R feels better soon :) Milo & Jet

  8. Were sending postive healing thoughts for R.. Get better R!

    Those nutty people who mess with your cameras,,,, it makes us upset too, that you have to worry.,
    Those mountain lion photos are spectacular,

  9. Sending some healing thoughts for R. We hope that he will be feeling much better tomorrow
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Love the lion, but will enjoy it more once R is well.

  11. Sending POTP for R's quick recovery..and hping the "monkeys" stay away from your cameras!!

  12. Poor R! Hope he gets better soon. It's hard not to worry.

  13. I hope R feels better soon! It looks like you had fun with Shyla, though! That mountain lion is so pretty! I hope they leave your trail cameras alone!

  14. I hope R's tummy is back to normal soon and there is nothing what's seriously wrong. I send hugs and POTP and I hope it's much much better soon.

  15. We hope you feel better VERY soon, R! We're sending lots of AireZen!

  16. We sure hope R is better by now. Let us know if we need to put him up on the POTP page!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. hoping your boy continues to improve and quickly returns to normal. :)

  18. Dear R - hope he recovers quickly. One of my dogs tends to have this sort of episode periodically - don't know why :( She was at the emergency Vet's for two nights once, and recently had another bout that wasn't quite so bad - but my regular Vet did keep her overnight. We don't know what causes it, but she's made it to 9 years old and the rest of the time is full of energy like R! It's scary, and I always have to remind myself that we humans get sick like that too, and we recover :)


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