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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Bad and The Good - Mountain Lion Kittens!

I am trying hard to remember that most of the people in the world are good and to focus on the good and beautiful parts of the world. This tiny wintergreen flower that is now blooming is a minute detail in our forest that awes me.
We returned from a trip to the high Rockies today, and I discovered that a low-life jerk had stolen one of my trail cameras. I had my usual burst of anger and despair. The individual who stole it has shown up on my trail cameras for years. He seems to like to walk where no one else goes. I figured that he was a nature-lover like me and that I didn't need to worry about him stealing anything.

I was wrong. He noticed a trail camera for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Then, he returned with tools for a quick theft. In the midst of my fury, there is good news. He'll never be able to use the camera due to technological innovations that make it only possible for me to use it. Moreover, I have photos of his face which the police plan to use to try to ID him. So, there's a chance that I'll see the camera again.

On the good news front, finding the one camera stolen caused me to ride my bike all over creation checking on my other trail cameras. No others were stolen.

And, one of them had photos on it that made my heart sing!!!! You might remember a recent post about a mountain lion who I thought had kittens stashed in a den near us. She does have little tiny kittens!!!

Here, mom and one tiny kitten appeared in front of my trail camera. That kitten is smaller than a bobcat!!!!
Then, the first kitten continued forward and the second kitten walked into the frame almost below mom.

They didn't linger long. The trio departed quickly.
When mountain lion kittens are this small, they stay in dens almost all the time. The mother periodically moves them from one den to another. I suspect that the mom leading them to a new den in these photos. I wish the photos were in color but I'm not complaining!

Finding these photos on a trail camera on the same day that I discovered that one had been stolen reminded me why I love these trail cameras despite the constant worry about bad people stealing them.

Because I love our wildlife so much, that one series of mountain lion kitten photos was enough to pay for this trail camera. I'd never get to see such a wonderful sight without using trail cameras. Wow!

I'm also reminded that, in some ways, I love animals far more than most people. Animals are pure in spirit. If Shyla looks at me with a playful face like the next one, I know that's how she feels. She doesn't lie.
Life is such a mixture of bad and good. I do my best to focus on the good, like mountain lion kittens and my wonderful pack!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry about your trail camera! That totally blows! That's good that you know who took it and I hope they catch him!

    Those pictures of the mountain lion kittens are so cool and they are adorable. I also love the photos of Shyla. You live in such an amazing area!

  2. If I see a trail camera, I only want to know where the person is posting the pictures so I can enjoy them, too. Some people are just bad.

    But absolutely love the kitten pictures. Those are incredible!

  3. OMG! You are my tech hero! Having tech that the thief can't use and that you can get his pict from is genius!

  4. Jerk for stealing the camera. What the hell? But I love the kitten photos!

  5. Scumbag indeed!! If there would not be possible backfire I would post his thieving face all over. Sure hope the police can get him. But... what a wonderful uplift you received with the kitten photos. Can't help but smile big and wide at that.

  6. Hope they find that thief and lock him up AFTER he returns your camera. So love that he can't use it:)

    The little cubs are so cute - hope Mom is able to keep them safe.

    Beautiful photo of that flower, and, of course, of dear Shyla.

  7. I love the protective coloring on the kittens - almost the same sort of spots that fawns have. Maybe trail cameras need protective spots...

  8. So sad that some people seem to delight in ruining things for others. I'm sorry you were his latest victim. I hope they are able to catch him.

    I'm with you. Dogs and animals always let you know exactly how they feel. You can be totally honest with your dogs and they will love you unconditionally.

  9. Love, love, love the pictures of the mtn. Lion kittens!! What a slime ball to take trail camera. Pre-meditated thievery! Jack ass! Anyway, love your pics and positive outlook on life! Thanks for a glimpse of our wildlife.

  10. I like thinking about the good also and Shyla always makes me feel good.

    Anne and Ziggy

  11. The little mountain lion kits are just wonderful. What a blessing it is to see them. I think of all the animals we have seen on your blog and it is such an enriching thing!

    As my old Irish mother used to say "Why are there so many horses asses when there aren't any more horses?" And I would certainly include your camera thief as one of them. Its great the police have his picture and I hope they pick him up soon, along with the camera.


  12. I sure hope you catch the thief! Would it help to put a sign on the cameras saying it's impossible for someone else to use them, so don't bother stealing?

    Those mountain lion pictures are priceless!

  13. I'm so sorry that this guy with the sticky fingers grabbed your trail cam... and you have some "selfies" of the thief too? Good thing, hope the police will find him. It would be sad if we hadn't the chance to see your wonderful wildlife just because of a guy who thinks all things in the mountains are for free...

  14. What a shame that peeps can't mind their own business and keep their hands in their pockets! The mountain lion family is just precious☺

  15. I don't blame you for how you feel about people after one of the stories I remember reading when I went back and read your old posts.

    I'm glad you generously share your photos of nature with us. Enjoy 'your' mountain lion kittens, KB!

  16. That sucks - hopefully the cops will be able to recover the camera for you. BUt you're right to focus on the good - those lion cub pictures are amazing and well worth the risk of theft.

  17. Well, at least you got photos of the kittens and they are adorable!

  18. OMD, the kittens are adorable!!! So sorry about your camera. I hope you get it back.

  19. Why are people such A-holes. (Mom said that) anyway glad you got the idiots face. So beautiful see the cats in their own environment
    Lily & Edward

  20. Sometimes, you just have to wonder about some people! I think it's great the perp won't be able to use the camera and hope the police catch him!!

    But all of that doesn't hold a candle to the KITTENS!!! How marvelous to see these cuties out and about with their Mom!

  21. We agree about the camera. If it isn't yours, leave it alone!

    Fantastic kitten pictures, thanks for sharing.

  22. Hope they catch the thief - so glad it will do him no good.
    the kitten pictures are just wonderful!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  23. I am sorry your camera was stolen. The world is so full of jerks. But I do love that the laugh is on him since technology won't let him use it. My guess is that he just plans to sell it to make a quick buck, so hopefully whoever is duped into buying it, checks to see it won't work.

    But there are good people too! A couple years back John and a few of his buddies trailered their motorcycles out to the big rally in Sturgis, SD. On the way home, they stopped to get gas. John did the dumb act of putting his wallet on the roof, and of course he forgot. He drove off and a mile or 2 later, the wallet flew off. About a week or two after getting home, he gets a phone call from a man in WY saying he had found John's wallet in the ditch next to the road. Credit card and cash, etc. still intact. The guy wants to know where to mail it. John tells him the address and tells him to keep all the cash as a reward. The guy was all, no, no, that's your money. John had to pretty much beg him to keep the money and the guy confessed it really would be helpful to have it.

    The world needs more people like that man!

  24. What a nice surprise to see the kitties! But for the scoundrel who stole the camera . . . and to have to return with tools in order to do it no less! Hopefully it was a nice clear photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. You're my second friend affected by theft this week - I'm so sorry!

    You are right that the good outweighs the bad, though - those pictures of the mountain lion kittens are something to treasure and something no one can take away!

  26. Thank you for the effort you put into your Trail Cameras...and for sharing the results...such a gift!

  27. the kittens are adorable!! and it looks like mom is wearing a tracking collar which is interesting too.... as for the camera guy, remember what goes around comes around

  28. Glad he at least can't use it! Hope the police can ID him. I love the eager photo of Shyla waiting to have her photo taken. Those little kittens are adorable.

  29. Ugh. I prefer animals to most people as well. There are so many folks out there who seem to have no respect for others, others' belongings, animals, nature - heck, even no respect for themselves. Like you, I try to focus on the good -but sometimes it's hard!

    LOVE the kitty pics! So sweet. I hope they'll have long lives!!

    (Wonder if it would help to put little signs on the cameras warning potential thieves that the cameras are devised to only work for you. At least the cops know what he looks like! Hope they catch the jerk!)

  30. Sorry to hear about your trail camera. Maybe you can post a notice on the cameras saying how you will capture their picture and disable the camera if it is stolen. I would hope it would deter any future thefts. Of course the best thing would be to figure out who it is and have him arrested.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the beautiful mom and her kittens.

  31. I love the kitten and mom pics - what a smile that brought to my face - thank you thank you thank you. As for the trail cam, I'm so sorry and sure hope they catch the guy. Hopefully he won't come back to look for the rest. I'd advise against signs - putting signs on them only draws attention to them for other would-be thieves (unless the signs were itty bitty ones that can't be seen until the camera is being dislodged - which might only cause the thief to get pissed off and smash it instead.) Even though a sign would say it won't be useful to others, there will always be someone who thinks the sign is bogus and steals the object anyway!

  32. KB, the photographs of the mama lion and kittens are just fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.
    I think we are alike. I often find myself weighing the positives against the negatives in my day to day life, and it certainly helps keep my spirits up when I "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" like that catchy song from the 40s says!
    Now I'm going back to look at the kittens again :)

  33. So sorry you lost a camera, but so happy you have pics of him, he can't use the camera and you have captured those beautiful shots of the kittens and mother. How wonderful :)

    I would be interested to know what technology you used to not allow this thief to use your camera.


  34. You should publish the thief's picture! What a jerk!


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