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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Whew, what a day. It started wonderfully. Shyla and I made it up high in time for sunrise. I love the winterish light!

That light, in combination with the dark shadows where the sun hadn't reached yet, catches my fancy every single fall.

We had a wonderful ride. The temperature skyrocketed during the ride. It was 30°F when we started and 55°F when we finished. That makes it almost impossible to dress right for a long ride in autumn!

After that, my day got sketchier. I wanted to be outside for the warm and sunny day so I took a fairly long bike ride. As I went through a fairly remote area, I saw an open bag with stuff overflowing the sides. Curiosity got the better of me so I went to see what was in it. I literally jumped backward when I saw.
What an odd combination - yarn and thread for projects... and a hand gun.

I know almost nothing about guns so I didn't know if it was loaded or if the safety was on. Consequently, I acted as if I was standing next to a hand grenade that might explode at any second. I had no cell phone reception. So, I finally decided to close the suitcase, leave it there, ride home, and then call the police. That's been done, and I truly hope that the gun is no longer sitting out where anyone could find it, including a little kid. (PS - Google just told me that it may be a BB gun - that would be a big relief!).

Some of you have asked if our world has really become much worse in the past year, like you might think based on the photos that I show. I suspect that it has not. Rather, the locals are completely fed up with these vagrants who start wildfires and steal stuff from nearby houses and cars. For that reason, we are sharing our observations and reporting them to the police rather than pretending that things didn't happen. For now, it feels like things are getting worse because we are all so much more aware of what's happening around our entire area. Despite that downside, I think that this approach will work better in the long run.

I feel fortunate that we live in a slice of the forest that is completely inaccessible unless you own land bordering it. We don't have the same problems as the accessible parts of the forest - so I can let the Duo romp and I'm not worried about what I might find when I'm out on the trails alone. Usually, I see only my neighbors and wildlife.

We can focus on our mountains and the beauty around us rather than all that awful stuff. I love it.


  1. We would be shocked too! We hope it was a BB gun and a good explanation! Mom says it is hard to dress for a long run too cuz the temperature changes so quickly.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Such beautiful sunrise photos! Well, as long as nobody was holding the gun and pointing it at's a good thing.

  3. Hari OM
    UGH... lessened potential, but a gun nonetheless. The mind boggles... YAM xx

  4. Holy macaroni. Now that's a find. Best to call the police and stay armed with something. Crime--- mom works in law enforcement. Crime and homelessness is out of control due to some CA laws. Stay safe
    Lily & Edward

  5. Looks like a hand gun to me not a bb gun. I hope the police came and got it. So many crazy people out there...just be careful and you are so lucky to enjoy your mnt. every day.

  6. WOW! That's crazy. The shots are so beautiful of Shyla, love love her eyes.

  7. That is so careless, even if it is a BB! It's those idiots that ruin it for responsible gun owners.

  8. It's incredible someone would leave items
    like that in the forest. Complete carelessness.
    I am sorry they are making residents on high alert.
    Be safe out there!

  9. No clue about guns on this end, but we think a call to the police was the best decision. Please do be careful out there.

    You have such a beautiful world there, we sure hope it doesn't change.

  10. All I know is that I want you all safe KB. There were even reports in our small town that thieves are breaking into unlocked homes in broad daylight. I have been guilty of leaving our house unlocked, when I'm home and if I'm walking-but now thinking differently. Of course, everyone on our street knows each other and watches out for our homes. BB guns can still hard animals and people, hope the police/sheriff got the suitcase.
    Sending hugs your way.

  11. KB, possible a .177 air pistol, they can run off compressed air cylinders. This might run off a gas cylinder. Still for all the smaller calibre, they can still be dangerous, not for large animals but rabbits and smaller ones. I would be so scared. Do you ever carry a flare you can set off if anything really bad happens? Hope the fine days continue.

  12. Just sitting, doing a little embroidery with my gun and my flask...

  13. I applaud the precautions you're taking to stay safe, and filing reports has got to make a difference too. I would have done the same as you with the gun - Again, like you, I know nothing about guns and I'm okay with that. I hope that it's taken care of, and I have to wonder who would have left it there.

  14. Yes, it;s a BB gun! You can see the cartridge top poking out the bottom of the grip ~ thank God! I only know because it's the only 'gun' Ma is comfortable handling. Gpa has all kinds of rifles and handguns, so she knows her way around them, enough not to touch them! Still, it shouldn't have been left like that...that is just kerazy! Butts, I'm glads you guys got in a a good run before you almost had a heart attack! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  15. Good for you,, for notifying the police.. You just cannot be too careful.

  16. CRIKEY!! That's scary ..... glad you rang the police. I've missed so much. I'll try and catch up soon. How's R? I do hope he's continuing to improve.

  17. you did the right thing.... that was a scary thing you found...

  18. Gosh, you just never know, do you. How scary. We're glad you notified the authorities, KB!

  19. We hope the police retrieved the bag so nobody else comes across it. We did like Rottrover's response since the second thing I noticed was the flask too.

  20. Bring on the snows....may get rid of the trespassers for awhile!

  21. Gosh, KB. The most powerful item I've found in the woods was a crowbar, about 20 years ago. I still use it often.
    There's no cell signal in the woods where Piper and I walk, and I'm trying to figure out what I would do if I came upon a gun (any kind of gun) out there. Honestly don't know. Wouldn't want to leave it in case someone else came along while I was walking back to my car to drive into town to call the police. But I wouldn't want to take the gun, or even handle it. ugh. Hope it never happens!


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