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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback and Thankful Thursday

Life has continued to be rough here. I'm just hoping for a nice normal day sometime soon. For now, I'm severely limiting my exposure to media coverage of the election. It's raised my stress levels to an extreme high - so high that I experienced my first glimpse of a panic attack today. I think that an herb in a sports drink contributed to the panicky feeling but it was scary enough that I'm going to focus on less worrisome things.

A hugely happy memory is Angel K's puppyhood.

For those new to the blog, K was my chocolate lab trail buddy and heart dog. She died at age 8 from osteosarcoma, back in 2012. I don't write about her as much these days but I feel like she is always with me and helps guide me as I navigate the world with Shyla.

One of my friends commented that K was "almost too cute" as a puppy. I have to agree. 

Her eyes were special even when she was 8 weeks old.

She also loved to make eye contact with me, even as a tiny puppy. Many dogs are never eager to see out eye contact with humans.

She could be very serious, even as a puppy.

But she also could be playful!
I miss her but I thank the universe for every day that I had with her.


  1. Beautiful photographs, priceless memories. Thanks for sharing, KB.

  2. I am sure you are not the only one who is upset,panicky about the future, and seeking comfort in a safe past. K is the perfect answer to today, and her photos tell us there is love and beauty in every day, we need to sit a while and let it find us. Many hugs and love from NZ .

  3. You are not alone in your feelings about limiting media coverage. I had a routine physical yesterday and my blood pressure was higher than normal and I told them that it was because of the election results. I could just feel my pressure rising all day Tuesday and it still was high the next day. I hope that with keeping away from upsetting coverage my blood pressure will return to normal. I'm telling you all this to let you know that you are not alone.


    1. Thank you, Cindy. Knowing that I'm not alone helps immensely.

  4. What a cutie and her unique spirit certainly shined, even at that age! I know she is missed every day, and remembered by so many like me.

  5. I agree "too cute"

  6. Those eyes. Oh how sweet and so in touch with you.
    Happy Crazy Love


  7. I do know how you feel. Ellie has been on my mind all week. Yesterday marked three years since her sudden death on November 10, 2013. I think my thoughts would have been about her even if I were not so distressed by the election. And thinking now of how much she meant to me brings more happy memories than sad. Thank whatever gods there be for sending us such dogs. They will live forever in our memories.

  8. OMD!! What a beautiful baby-dog! If you read Ki'm blog from Golden Pines, Todd has some excellent suggestions for managing post election stress. Just sayin'...

  9. luckily we had the Blogville election to take our minds off the other one.
    K was a beautiful puppy - beautiful memories
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. What a gorgeous puppy K was—thanks for sharing!

  11. Hari OM
    A wonderfurs salve to beating heart!!! Hugs, YAM xx

  12. What a beautiful puppy K was♥ Hugs to you, KB!

  13. I'm thankful for all the moments you had with your angel... and thankful for every moment we will have with our pups...

  14. There is nothing in the world as cute as a Lab puppy.

    It has been a godawful week. Take care of yourself. <3

  15. OMD, what adorable puppy pictures! Angel K was something special indeed.

  16. Ma hasn't watched the news since Tuesday morning. She knew better. She didn't sleep at all Tuesday night, got sick, and was nauseous all day Wednesday, and if it wasn't for her nausea meds for her migraines, she would have spent those two days in the bathroom. She peeked today at a blog she reads, and saw the horrors have already started. she closed it, and realized that media is off limits for the foreseeable future. You are not alone. Butts....PUPPIES!!!!! OMD, K was just tooooooo cute!!!!! Okays, so I was adorables, butts wowsa!
    Ruby ♥♥♥

  17. That was a most wonderful flashback, such a sweetie.

  18. Wonderful memories. There is just something about the Choc-lab's eyes. Must be a trait.

  19. Have to agree with the stress levels here too - what we are seeing and hearing from our new "leader" are certainly not very encouraging. Concern for the future is putting it mildly.

    But oh that K - she had that love and intensity in her eyes from the very start. What an adorable puppy she was!!!

  20. She was a little doll of a puppy! So cute!

  21. Oh gosh, she was just so adorable! I'm sorry that you lost her at such a young age.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  22. K was more than cute,, she was adorable.
    I think the Universe is enjoying K to the max! All the energy that we feel bestowing down on us,, is from Angel K!


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