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Friday, November 25, 2016

Foxes on Friday

For all the years that I've had trail cameras, I've never captured photos of many foxes (of any kind) in our forest. Then, something changed this past summer. We seem to have both red and gray foxes here to stay!

The best part is how mischievous they are. They mark their territories frequently and vociferously. This series made me laugh.

A red fox arrived in front of one camera.

He sniffed a rock and the surrounding ground that is a carnivore scent marking spot.

Then, he climbed up on the rock, stared straight at the camera, and left his own mark. It felt as if he was sending me a message to quit spying on him!

A week later, a pair of gray foxes arrived at the same spot. First, one sniffed the spot.

Then, the first one marked the spot, over top of the marking left by the red fox.

That night, the red fox was back again, sniffing the pee-mail left by the gray fox.

He climbed up on the rock and left another "comment" for the gray foxes.
This "back and forth" is still going on. I imagine that there's a lot of territorial posturing going on because none of these foxes were in this area a year ago. They are all new and trying to make their marks.

I hope that the back-and-forth continues through the winter! Traditionally, winter is a slow time of year for my trail cams so I'd love it if the foxes keep up their activities!


  1. What a playground for them, and then to see those magnificent bushy tails.

  2. Foxes are so neat! It's so cool that you get to "see" them!!!

  3. Ha, that is too funny. I feel like I've had similar conversations on Facebook. :-p

  4. HA! It was fun seeing the Marks-A-Lot gang!

  5. They look very healthy! Nice lush coats. Fox are one of the few wild animals I do see on a regular basis. My guys love nothing better than to roll in fox pee! It stinks!

  6. That is quite the novel they are writing ;-). How awesome to be able to watch them "communicate"

  7. Every now and then we see a fox or two trot through the back of our house where a whole bunch of houses converge. One time there was even a mama fox with a few babies following along:)

  8. That rock is like FoxFacebook!! I love seeing them. They are very special. We saw a bobcat today driving back from our hike up in the national forest. What a treat!

    1. Seeing a reclusive bobcat in person is a really special treat!

  9. Those are perfect pictures, aren't they? Great location for your trailcam. I hope you get some daytime visits, too! Those coats are so colorful, especially when lit up by sun or snow. I'd like to put out a camera or two just right here at the house...maybe someday :)

  10. Such fascinating pictures. I hope they are all friendly message

  11. I envy your having them around! I love seeing foxes, and don't see nearly enough in our corner of the world.

  12. I don't believe we have foxes around here. But I guess closes here would be coyote.
    Coffee is on

  13. quite the conversation going on!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. What huge bushy tails they have!

  15. We like foxes...though they're feral here and considered vermin. They are so playful. Great addition to your wildlife videos. Hope that crazy skunk shows up again.

  16. Cool photos of the fox! I hope they left some interesting poop mail!


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