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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Happy Sunday

I hope that you are all having a peaceful Sunday. Shyla and I started with a sunrise outing. Shyla kept a watchful eye on the world behind me.

We played a few games.

And generally had a good time.
After our happy outing, I headed out on my bike alone and ran into weekend stupidity. I met a jeep at least a half mile beyond the "no motor vehicles beyond these signs" posts. Then, I discovered that the 4wd'ers are trying to make a "new" road through the forest, using chain saws and other heavy machinery. It appears that they want a "secret" way to drive into the part of the forest where they aren't allowed. Duh - did they really think that no one would notice an entire new road? I called the sheriff's dispatch number to report all the stupidity, something that is becoming an all-too regular occurrence. 

Happy Sunday to all of you. I didn't let the stupidity ruin my appreciation for a November day sunny and warm enough for shorts! That's a treat!


  1. Why can't people respect nature! Sigh!
    Great trick Shyla!

  2. Those are amazing Shyla photos! Too bad idiots try to ruin everything.

  3. Beautiful Shyla!!! And stupid humans:( The fearless female biker strikes again!!! Just be careful.

  4. Great photos and great stupidity - don't understand those kind of people
    Mr Bailey Hazel & mabel

  5. Never underestimate the supidity of the human race

  6. Yep! We were walking on a fire road in the National Forest behind our house and sure enough, some people think it's a place to dump trash. What is WRONG with people??? Oh. Beautiful and adorable pictures of Shyla!

  7. When will they ever learn? Maybe if they get caught in a fire. Shyla, it looks like your Sunday was joyful and happy.

  8. Sometimes I just don't understand humans. Momma is trying to teach me the flip the treats off the nose trick. Brother Goose was a pro. I'm still learning.

  9. OMD!!!!! People ..... what a beautiful world this would be without them, aye? Glad it didn't spoil your day but be careful. People like that are dangerous. Beautiful pictures of Shyla.

  10. I just don't understand what goes on in people's minds sometimes..

  11. What a shame these peeps have no respect. You have us smiling at your fun, Shyla☺

  12. You are so so pretty in those super beautiful pictures, Shyla!!! I will never ever understand those stupid humans who's trying to destroy our beautiful world):


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