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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Silly Saturday

I talk a lot about all the training that Shyla and I do. In reality, our training is really all in the form of games. And, if there's "work" involved, it's only for very short time periods followed by play to make it fun for both of us.

These photos are from a game we played on a recent Saturday. Although I consider this game to be "play", it is actually qualifies as impulse control training. Shyla has to balance those treats until I release her to launch them.

She's great at waiting for permission. When she occasionally messes up and launches the treats early, she doesn't even try to get them off the ground. She waits for me to retrieve them and restart the game.
It's really hard to catch multiple treats that were balanced on your nose!

I love playing these games with her! She seems to love them too so we're a good match.


  1. We love seeing Shyla do that, it's amazing!

  2. Hailey would not wait for me to get the cookies again. If we drop anything she is on it! Shyla looks so happy trying to catch her cookies!

  3. When I tried the "It's Yer CHoice" game with Piper, she got the idea so quickly I was amazed. She has TERRIBLE impulse control, and always anticipates All The Things. But after I simply closed my hand over the treats a couple of times, she would step back, wait, and not even look at my hand - just wait for me to bring it to her. I really need to do more with Piper every day - she is so smart she gets in her own way at times, and it's up to me to keep finding ways to channel that to a good conclusion. Thanks for inspiring me with your games/training with Shyla :)

  4. We wish we were as smart as you are, Shyla!

  5. You are doing a great job training her and a betterjob photographing her

  6. These types of games are wonderful for dogs and their humans!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. What a teacher extraordinaire you are. With Shyla, and R's recovery exercises, a full time occupation. Take care , as I read the big storm of Argos has arrived already, and Independence Pass is closed until May.Wow, I do struggle with the size of your state, and the weather that rules your lives. I have to remind myself that Co is the same size as NZ.

  8. You two are the bestest match!!


  9. Talk about patience! Something my dogs could never do. :)

  10. Training should be a game. Don't think the dogs here have much patience.

  11. Hmmm not much chance the two food hounds here would ever buy into that trick:) Great job, Shyla.

  12. Shyla is a champion in that game!


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