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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dodging Stinky Situations

We've had an interesting 24 hours.To make a long story much shorter, R ingested a cooked chicken leg, bones and all, and he ended up at the emergency vet. They x-rayed, and then decided to induce vomiting. There was a fear of damage to his esophagus by the bones on the way up but so far he seems okay. He's very tired but has no other symptoms.

We feel as if we dodged a possibly very bad situation.

Similarly, this red fox dodged a stinky situation. Do you see the glowing eye off to the far right?

Very soon after that first photo, the red fox leaped out of the picture...

... with the skunk in pursuit.

This is the second time we've seen a skunk chasing a carnivore much bigger than itself. Do you remember the video of a  bobcat being chased by a skunk?

Here's the odd thing. It almost seems as if spotted skunks follow around red foxes.

 Getting closer...

And then the red fox flees (I'm not sure where the skunk is in the next photo - but the photo was just an instant after the above photo).
I'm glad that both the red fox and us dodged stinky situations. R will probably be himself within a day.


  1. SOOOOOO glad R is ok, not a fu way to spend the evening. I feel there is a Monty Python skit somewhere in that skunk-fox pursuit ;-).

  2. We saw a fox once. It was very exciting
    Lily & Edward

  3. I am so happy that R is OK. That was very scary.
    I thought skunk were only supposed to spray in defense. I think this skunk is a member of the new Alt Right skunks

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey R, quit giving your peeps heart attacks, eh?! glad you're okay. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. So glad that R is OK. How funny the skunk chases the fox off!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  6. That fox is very smart, to know ro run from lil stinky!
    Were keeping our paws crossed for R.


  7. Whew - close calls!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I'd ask R if it was worth it in the end, but he's a lab, so I assume he'd say it was with such enthusiasm that his entire body would wag. Poor fella.

    And skunks are so pretty but I want to stay sooooooo far away from them.

  9. We are sure glad R is okay, dang, how scary. That's more scary than that skunk!

  10. We are so very happy that R is doing OK. As for skunks, well momma doesn't think I've learned my lesson since I just got a glancing blow from one. Brother Goose never learned the skunk lesson.

  11. Oh noes! I am sooooo relieved R is okay! Phew! OMD, those skunkies are really out in force lately! We smell them, butts thankfully never see them around here...paws crossed that continues...☺
    Ruby ♥
    pees: thinkin' of you Shyla! sendin' good vibes!

  12. Bet that chicken leg tasted a lot better going down than coming up. Glad to hear he is OK. Hope tomorrow is a better day for him. Skunks - the one critter we hope never to have to encounter:)

  13. Oh, R. What a silly thing to do. Such a goofy dog moment. And the sad thing is that you have no idea there is a connection between snarfing the chicken leg and the awful ER trip and vomiting. Glad you are all right.

  14. I'm glad R. will be OK, such a scary thing. I didn't know skunks were that bold - good to know! We live on the edge of a huge city forest preserve (it's 15 miles in length on one side of us with a river and there's another 8 mile one to our north) so there are a lot of "critters" and even a cougar was spotted in one city neighborhood, even though if you stand on the roof you can see the skyscrapers downtown 20 miles away).

  15. Oh dear, one more episode to manage, or undo!!! In the last photo,my guess is the skunk raced off down to the right, this side of the tree trunk and branches that looks so like a stag's head and antlers, and met the fox head on further below. Stay well, R, no more fast trips and evacuations!!!

  16. So glad R is okay! It's hilarious to see the little skunk chase off the fox. We saw a coyote on the way to the beach this evening, and it made me smile to see our local wildlife.

  17. Oh R!! Stealing foodables is SO fun but it totally freaks the peeps out!!


  18. I hope R remains pointy brittle bones can be scary. And that's one smart fox trying to keep it's distance of that skunk! Perhaps the skunks are following foxes to steal food or enjoy leftovers.

  19. Howdy Mates. Paws crossed R is fine and has no further problems. Funny how skunks can scare other creatures away. We don't have skunks here in Oz so don't know how bad their smell is!
    No worries, and love, Stella x

  20. I'm so glad that R is ok... and I'm so sorry that you had the see the er-vet... that are such nightmare-moments :o( Pepe Le Pew is a trooper, you haven't to be big and tall to mess with the big boys, you only have to have a secret weapon LOL

  21. It is very scary when dogs ingest cooked chicken bones...sure hope that R will continue to be OK! The skunk patrol is on duty in our has been very SMELLY! We think there is a whole bunch of them living around us somewhere!!

  22. Glad R is on the mend. Never knew skunks would actually chase something. Had to laugh, it looked so funny.

  23. We're glad to hear R is doing well after his ordeal. That sure is an entertaining series of pictures of the skunk and fox.


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