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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Black Dog Sunday

R has reached that stage of life when he can get away with much more than when he was younger. The Duo was in a down stay. Ahem, R, that doesn't look like a down!

With this Duo, Shyla has become the "goody-goody" while R is the rebel. However, R's independent streak can lure Shyla into bad behavior. I almost never have the camera out for those moments!
R has always been high intensity. He has laser-like focus on the things that he cares about - like rodents and horse poop. In this case, his focus was a hiker a long way down the hill. He was trying to decide whether to hold his sit-stay or ignore me and go greet the hiker. This time, he chose to stay. He got a jackpot for that good choice!

It's tough when a high intensity personality is met with a chronic physical problem. Both R and I have experienced that conflict. R is SO much better than before the surgery but his elbow will never be normal. In our first snow, I could tell that his elbow bothered him some when he ran. Yet, he still chose to run. Similarly, my spine has improved after each surgery but it will never be normal. Yet, I choose to ride my bike and hike (when I'm able).
In that regard, R and I are very similar. I've ridden my bike through terrible pain because I love it. Cycling makes life bearable when spine pain, migraines, or other painful injuries are pulling me down.

I know that my approach to life isn't like most other peoples' approaches who think that I ought to scale back my activity. My answer is that my pain almost always gets worse when I am not active so why not go out and do what I love?

I am no longer allowed to say "seize the day" due to Shyla's epilepsy so I'll say that both R and I live by the motto of Carpe Diem!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, grasp every moment!!! As one who has constantly used 'mind over matter' I'm with you all they way. Do what you can whilst you still can; the time will come when you can't but there will be no regrets!!! Huggies to all, YAM xx

  2. Down here, to seize any day, I have to wait and see how the others are. It usually depends on Hugh and his ability to walk, ( never good) to drive, ( sometimes not) or to even think of going out. Just as well I am SO happy to stay at home. No snow to close roads, we have been spared any further quake shakes here, but down south, continual ones. Love R's serious look, he is so handsome.

  3. Both you and R are an inspiration with your perseverance. With everything that R had gone through he deserves a little bit of disobedience. Just not enough to influence his sister

  4. You and the R-ster have such good attitudes!!

  5. Glad both you and R can continue to do what you love despite the obstacles and pain you face.

  6. Good for you (and R) for continuing to do what you love and live the life you want!

  7. You all have so much to enjoy and we love seeing that happen!

  8. They are both so cute, even if R was supposed to be in a down. I hear you on dealing with one of the dogs being a "rebel". I have "double trouble" too! When we went to the beach we had to keep our trouble maker on leash. Zoe always ends up getting them both into trouble!

  9. OMD, hey guys! You look FABulous! You are a good boy R....I would have given Ma the paw, and ran to see if that hiker had any cookies...or margaritas...hey ~ you never knows! ☺
    Ma totally agrees with the staying active, as much as Ma would rather sleep in and 'veg', she knows that working out helps her pain. If it wasn't for that, she probably would be the QUEEN couch potato! BOL
    I hopes you guys have a most wonderful Sunday, and Carpe Diem!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. You and R are inspirations - you both show great courage and perseverance.

  11. It's a good motto, and y ou and R are truly perfect example and reminders of that!

  12. We are all about Carpe Diem here...and I love both your and R's approach to life!!

  13. You and R are inspirations to us all, KB! We just adore that first picture♥

  14. You know what.? We really try to let some of the influence from you and R and Shyla, motivate is,, into doing"something in our day!

  15. Oh that handsome duo! You know my eye is held by a black dog but they are such a gorgeous pair. Me and exercise aren't compatible but I am trying, trying, trying! I do admire you, you can be sure of that!

    Cheers, Jo and Stella


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