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Friday, February 24, 2017

All Quiet in the Rockies

We just laid low yesterday. It was snowing like crazy, and all routes between town and home were closed so the Runner got stuck in town.

Shyla rested all day. On days when our steep mountain roads are closed, I just hope for no veterinary emergencies. My hopes were granted yesterday. Shyla had no more seizures, perhaps partly because I modified her pain medication regime. I suspected that one med might have made her more prone to seizures based on anecdotal evidence from others. I stopped that medicine, and she seemed to feel fine without it.

I went for a ride in the snow. It felt very odd not to spend outdoor time with either of our dogs!

After our crazy warm spell, the return of winter felt good. The trails were deserted again, unlike during our fake springtime. I love the quiet of winter - it's unlike any other time of year.

I feel sure that Shyla will be back to full speed leaping very soon! This photo was from before the latest snow. You can barely see that the forest still held some snow drifts but anyplace that got sun was dry. In fact, there had been a few smallish wildfires in the days before the snow.
When Shyla gets back to leaping, there may even be snow on the ground to cushion her landings!


  1. Oh, yes, to winter quiet. The softness of a near-freezing snowfall, the clarity of colder days. It is necessary like breathing.

  2. All the rain we got, must have you hit you as snow. I can feel the quite from here though.

  3. We have all our feets crossed for you Shyla
    Lily & Edward

  4. I feel the same way about being snowed in: not worried about losing power, running out of food, etc. Just "please, no veterinary emergencies!"

  5. Hi there, It must be hard for Shyla not to go with you as well. It's still coming down here, although lightly. Unlike you, I am ready for spring weather. I love the quiet of snowy days, but we've been teased this year and it has me looking for warm days. Hope she continues to be seizure free; glad you figured out what might be causing it.
    Sending hugs,

  6. We were supposed to get hit with a huge storm today, but it fizzled and we have a dusting. Bummer! Glad there have been no more seizures.

  7. I am glad you came through the storm without any problems, and that the seizure monster did not attack Shyla. You might need a couple of quiet days. I hpe you can get back on the road soon.

  8. Winter came back to our house. Maybe Shyla wants to run here!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We've returned to Winter weather, too. Our mom doesn't seem as thrilled about it as Cammie and I are! Although she did like that we were the only ones out walking this morning!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. That quiet....muffled sounds in the morning, that's when snow is the most beautiful. In HER opinion.

  11. It sure did get cold here today. Misty and Lightning were hoping for some snow, but all we got were a few flurries racing by in the sky. Glad to hear that Shyla had a seizure-free day.

  12. And about Misty, she is still a lot smaller than Lightning - photos can be so deceiving. She is still only about 35 lbs. while he is a whopping big boy at 68 lbs. We are hoping she stays on the smaller side, maybe since she seems to have a small bone frame.

    1. Never in a million years would I have guessed that Lightning is still almost twice as heavy as Misty based on that photo of them wriggling on their backs! Wow!

  13. I sure hope normal gets there quickly and all is well and swell.

  14. winter has returned here too with lots of snow. Hope all stays quiet and Shyla feeling all better
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. Your snow is so beautiful! We continue to send you lots of positive vibes, Shyla!

  16. We're so glad that Shyla is getting better, and no more seizures. I know what you mean about going out without the dogs. I usually jog in the nicer weather, but both dogs have bad knees so I don't take them. But I really don't like being out there without them (so I usually walk them when I get back from my jog).
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. Crikey ..... I do hope the change in medication helps Shyla. What beautiful photos of the bike in the snow.


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