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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Today I feel thankful for our Labraduo. They add so much fun and warmth to our life.

I'm quite sure that I wouldn't get out in the forest as often if I didn't have eager companions. This leap was at sunrise. Somebody was full of energy!

This was after our morning mountain bike ride. Seeing them so cozy in a sun puddle made my heart sing.

And this outing was at sunset, with a recall race to spice things up.
Whether we're having fun with running, biking, snoozing, or training, I know that these two dogs make our life richer.


  1. They certainly have a full, beautiful life with you! Love the leaping shot!

  2. They truly are the most wonderful pair, and fortunate to have such a good photographer too!

  3. amazing!!!!!!! love the levitating dogs

  4. yes...your labraduo is a reason to be thankful... and they are a gift efurry day :o)

  5. You are so very right if not for my Molly I'd be a couch potato. It's their zest for life and their spirit that never wants to stop that keeps us going. Loved the piccy's

    Molly and my Mom @ The Fast and The Furriest

  6. A beautiful Duo!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. My mom will run alone if she has to, but she would never go for a walk alone. Finding people to go when you want to go is tough, which is why walking/hiking/running with dogs is the best. We are always ready to go and we make things so much more fun too!

  8. What a beautiful, thankful day.

  9. We are sure thankful you share your duo with us!

  10. Love that snuggling picture. Dogs definitely bring so much happiness to our lives. Seriously don't think I could get through the days without a dog in my life!

  11. We love seeing the love that you and R have for each other, Shyla♥

  12. What an awesome post! I feel so much the same; my life just would not be the same without my girls!

  13. we are rich too because you so willingly
    share R and Shyla with us.
    You have done a great job with R's rehab
    Yes I watched all the videos on You Tube.
    I have to laugh because there is no way Aastro would
    ever stand on a peanut. So Yeah for you.
    Shyla has come a long way, I remember you telling us
    she could not go into town and now she's greeting people.
    They both are a joy to see and we are richer for getting a
    look into their lives.
    Linda and Astro.

  14. Love your pics of the adorable Labra-duo!

  15. They really are such a gorgeous pair, and what perfect companions!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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