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Friday, May 10, 2019

A Mountain Lion Speaks and Other Predators Answer

A brawny mountain lion came through our neck of the woods in daylight. He looks so strong and beautiful in this photo.

He sniffed where lions have marked for years. The pile of pine needles is from lions kicking them backward as they mark. Then, he marked over the same spot before departing.

The lion who was our Tom Cat was much squatter and burlier. The last time that we saw him was in November.
In the time since then, a local shot and killed a mountain lion. I am becoming convinced that it was this one, whose every path I'd figured out over the years. I will keep watching for him but I am no longer optimistic, especially if another big male cat has started traveling in his territory. I am sad to think of this majestic creature dead.

After the visit by the mountain lion in late April, a couple of other predators came through, sniffed his scent mark, and then left their own two cents. First, a coyote...

And then the courageous bobcat.

I have a one minute video of these three visitors if you care to see them in action.

Our world looks completely different as of today with a foot of fresh snow on the ground.

Thanks to the LLB Gang for hosting the Nature Friday Blog Hop!


  1. Hari OM
    What gorgeous critters!!! Love how the bobcat was all noncalance and minimalism in its spotting! YAM xx

  2. all three are simply beautiful to me... I had to walk with a cane today, met my neighbor and she had a big stick. I wave the cane and said Coyote Stick? she waved hers and said Yes. We have 2 females and a male in our subdivision, they are eating pets and wandering our paved streets. I feel bad for them, they have no food and no where that is wooded to go. the city has allowed so much development we have no land left for wildlife. Bird lady lost her outside cat to one 2 days ago. I had warned her they were about, she chose to let her cats live outside. very sad for these creatures

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo snow in mid May. Yikes. In 2017 we left for our trip out to your beautiful state.
    I seem to recall just 2 weeks before our departure there was a huge snow fall.

    That kitty's paws are nearly as big as my head.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. You remember correctly. May 17 2017 -- a big snow storm after weeks of warmth. It killed trees and killed a lot of bear food. Consequently, we had bears looking for food around homes in August.

      I can handle snow in almost every month except May :( Then, I am ready for sunshine.

  4. They are such beautiful animals. Wow - a foot of snow and it's almost mid-May!

  5. That is so sad that people shoot and kill these wonderful creatures. We love seeing these wild animals all trying to claim the territory. Just north of us there was 9 inches of snow yesterday, but it is melting fast.

  6. Yes, that is sad that someone shot that glorious creature. Yikes on the snow stuff, brrrrr!

  7. X marks the spot. They are all wonderful, but the bobcat is my pick today, and you have more snow, I would have hoped that by now it was easing off till next autumn.

  8. Such beautiful animals they all are. I hope the big cat returns too.

  9. That behavior is so fascinating! My dogs get super freaked out when they smell coyote tracks. It's kinda cool that all the other animals talk to each other through scent marking.

  10. Love seeing the interactions...albeit through peemail….of all the animals. Hope it wasn't your cat that was killed.

  11. Amazing as usual. I do hope your cat returns but I suspect you are right. He wouldn't allow another male so near.

  12. I always love seeing the big cats returning in Spring! Hope the snow goes away for good real soon!

  13. Thanks for putting up your camera, it's so interesting to watch the animals. It looked like the coyote was making sure the big cat was not around before he left his mark. And that was a big cat, wasn't it?. How sad if the other one was killed.

  14. Beautiful creatures! We say NO to snow!! doesn't it know it is spring

  15. Fascinating as always - how they read each others' messages. We love your webcams.

    We hiked in 4" of the same storm here in Albuquerque. It made Rowan and Obi very happy...and made us wish we'd packed long johns. Hope it melts soon up in your country. Here the oaks were barely leafing out, so we didn't see any damage.

    Chris from Boise

  16. We are so sorry if that big cat is now gone. They are such gorgeous creatures.

    And yes, we LOVE your videos.

  17. Such beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart to think the big cat may be gone.

  18. So sad he likely was shot. We will find beauty in those who remain.

  19. So sorry to hear that one of your favorite cats might be gone. :(
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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