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Monday, May 6, 2019

The Hachi Chronicle

We have had a long power outage. It was sort of like camping in our house, except that we don't even have cell coverage in our house so we had no internet - cold turkey!

Because this post is late (the power just came on), it will be brief.

To be honest, I was quite nervous about Hachi's first trip in the LabMobile. It is a confined space, and it would be new to him. I feared that his resource guarding would be a real issue whenever food was out.

I was wrong. The Runner had a great plan in mind for dog feeding time so that Hachi's "space" was clearly defined without the use of a crate. It worked beautifully. Soon Hachi knew where to go when it was meal time, and we had no troubles whatsoever. In general, when the rules are very clear to Hachi, he does great even with his "bad issues". In this case, the Runner defined the rules, Hachi learned them, and then Hachi followed the rules without prompting. There's a lesson there...

He was starting down the happy path.

He has never guarded human food, and that good thing continued!

Really, the only issue within the pack was that Hachi is feeling his oats at age 6 months. He seemed to try to put Shyla in her "place" when she tried to move around inside the LabMobile near him. That meant that he would give her very gentle muzzle bites that would lead Shyla to avoid going near him in the LabMobile whenever possible. She is fine with deferring to him - so I hope that he stops it really soon. This is a topic for our trainer to advise us on. Perhaps we can figure out a way to get him to stop doing it to her. I hate seeing Shyla be more timid than usual.

The two of them played outside beautifully, and Shyla is clearly the boss there because she's still stronger and faster.

Dealing with the outside world (people outside our pack) was something that we worked on a fair bit while away. Hachi made considerable progress - which I'll save for another post.

He is still a hilarious puppy!
I'll have a new installment of "As the Hachi World Turns" next week!


  1. No power is a bummer even if you know how to live off the grid. We're glad to hear your camping trip went well for Hachi.

  2. Sorry you went without power for an extended time, but am so glad you had such a great trip.

  3. No power is no fun at all! Love the pictures of you and Hachi playing with your boots on, Shyla!

  4. brahaha on As the Hachi World turns. love it... glad you are home safe and everything worked well except of course the power failure.

  5. Our power was out until 6 a.m. I woke up three or four times in the night with weird anxiety dreams, I think because I fell asleep worried about all of the stuff in our freezer thawing. Of all the things to feel so tense about ... brains sure are weird. Glad you and the pups had such a great trip to the desert!

  6. We love seeing and reading about As the Hachi World Turns! How smart to use the boots so the pups don't tear up their feet but can still play. Where is that?

    1. In Utah - there's extensive red rock desert that we love!

  7. They sure appear to be having a great time together. Puppies are always going in and out of stages, so new things will be popping up.

  8. How did he go with the bootees? Lots of fun there and wonderful weather for you all . Strategy, sounds like the plan was so good.

  9. It's good you're getting right on top of his 'problems'. He certainly looks like he's having a fantastic time on those rocks.

  10. After putting up with a lot from a young Faith, Samson took it upon himself to discipline her. He did much better than me and she's never tried the things she did do to him as a young dog again. I'm sure you will do much better with the training than I ever could.

  11. Good job by the Runner to come up with a plan, and we're glad it worked! I think puppies, like children, often push things to see what they can get away with. We imagine you'll get this other issue figured out too. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. looking forward to . . . As the Hachi World Turns!
    love their wise little boots to protect the paws.
    slowly the imprints of survival mode seem to be adjusting to being part of his new family.
    everything worthwhile takes time. thank you for sharing your world with us! xo

  13. I'm glad your power is back and that Hachi is catching on to life with his pack!

  14. Hari om
    Fab fotos as always, and am glad to read of progress for Hachi. It is true about testing the enve!ope... tho it may have to be Shyla herself who tells him to stop. Each day more steps! YAM xx

  15. Hachi is doing very well. As we have said before, he is very smart, and he will figure it out with your guidance. We see he didn't object to his boots:)

  16. we hope the power and the force and da happy moments tay with you now efurry day :O)

  17. Ugh, power outages are the pits. The world is such that functioning without power is a real challenge. Hopefully all if back to normal now. Glad Hachi's trip was successful.

  18. Thank goodness your power came back on.. That is cold turkey for sure! When we loose power, we loose everything too.
    So glad that "DAD" the runner had some ideas to help solve issues!!


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