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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Early-Bird Bears of 2019

The first bear of 2019 appeared on a heavily shaded and snowy slope on the fourth of April. My "bear cams" tend to be in very secluded spots that do not melt out early. For that reason, the bears don't go to these spots first after they wake up.

It makes me so happy to have the forest be rustling with bear activity again. They are the most fascinating wildlife species to me because they form social relationships with other bears and display such a range of behaviors over the course of a spring to fall season. They even play, which completely cracks me up! I hope that we get to see them in their finest form this season.

The first bear was very thirsty. He took a long drink from a snow-fed pool.

He showed off his funky fur coat coat for the camera. I think that his spring/summer coat is just coming in which is why he's a Black and Tan.

After drinking, he headed to the other side of the pool to mark a tree and dig up something to eat. I'm not sure what was growing beneath the snow but Black and Tan didn't look like he found it to be delicious.
You can see that he has ear tags. I suspect that he got into trouble last fall, probably in a lower elevation town. He probably was trapped, transported to our rural area, and released. He exited the cam's view going in the opposite direction of most bears at this time of year. I suspect that he's in a mission to figure out how to get home and that we won't see him again.

Stay safe, Black and Tan. Don't mess with humans or their world because you are not permitted anymore mistakes. We'd love to have you stay in our neck of the woods, learning what it's like to live well outside a town.

You can probably tell that seeing ear tags always makes me somber. I don't think of them as a bear failing. Rather, they reflect human failing. Someone, actually probably more than one person, didn't keep food and garbage locked down. This poor bear got tempted by it, and he got reported.

Here's a video of his escapades after coming out of his den.


  1. yes stay safe dear bear.... and we are thirsty now too LOL

  2. love the smacking lips sound..he kind of reminds me of Big...and I am thinking watching the bears play is like watching Big play. cumbersome and fun to watch.. we have had several things happen in FL because people put our food for possums and raccoons and cause trouble for the wild life. a child attacked by a raccoon because there neighbors had been feeding it. the coon suffers from what people do...

  3. We sure hope that big one keeps plenty safe too.

  4. Ear tags worry me, too, but it's the collars on the cats that infuriate me. Are you still seeing the lion wearing a collar from a long-abandoned study?

    1. Actually, no. The officials were trying to catch him to take it off - perhaps they were successful!

  5. Way cool. Made me smile.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  6. Stay safe and away from peeps, Black and Tan!

  7. We hope Black and Tan meets a gal, and sticks around your area...we also think human should be educated about living in harmony with wildlife and be made more accountable...after all, they were here first!

  8. We have our paws crossed that Mr. Black and Tan stays in your area and stays safe.

  9. What a good looking bear! We sure hope he stays away from people, but we sure understand not being able to resist the temptation of food out in the open. Humans are not real good about helping wildlife stay wild.

  10. Black and Tan, what a great guy you are, and that first drink from a very cold pool must be wonderful.And not to your taste? After pawing away the snow, to find it isn't edible after all!!! Safe travels as you roam out there in the spring.

  11. Most handsome fella for sure. I tell you one thing if I hibernated...I'd miss water the most too.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Black and Tan looks like he has a mohawk going on down his back:) We hope he finds his way back to somewhere safe. We always love seeing the bear videos.

  13. Are ear tags always a bad thing? I was thinking around here the biologists sometimes tagged them just for studies.
    I enjoy seeing your bears since with the chickens we don't want to see any here! We did see some droppings telling us one had been through the yard this spring though, but he seemed to stay away from the coop, and may have just been passing through since we haven't seen any more lately.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. A fun post and lots of positive vibes from us that they all stay safe this season no matter where their noses or wanderings take them!

  15. We'll keep our paws crossed this guy is able to stay on the good side of the park rangers. Come to think of it, I look a little like him when I get up before my first cup of coffee but not nearly as sweet!


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