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Friday, May 24, 2019

Nature Friday - The Wrath and Beauty of Mother Nature

Picking up from yesterday... Shyla and I had a fabulous time playing on the red rock at sunset on a stormy evening in Utah.

Shyla seemed to be keeping "an eye" on a storm that was sneaking up on us but I had scarcely noticed.

Suddenly, Shyla let me know that the thunder storm was upon us. Soon thereafter, the Runner was yelling "get down, get down, there's lightning". So, we jogged downward on the steep and now wet slickrock as rain pelted down around us. I stopped a few times to look at the clouds that were descending onto the top of the slickrock where we'd just been.

Then it began to rain really hard. The thunder rattled my bones. The too-short pauses between the flashes of light and the thunder booms made my heart accelerate. But the light was surreal. I stopped for another photo. It was so beautiful as the storm arrived.
After that photo, I hustled down further for a while with no more photo stops. Fortunately, the storm seemed to be veering around us. The pauses between the flashes of lightning and the booms of thunder lengthened.

It was suddenly eerily dark with a gargantuan cloud almost upon us.

I quickly changed to a wider lens because the cloud was filling the whole horizon.

The cloud looked organized in a way that I never get to see in the mountains due to the ridges and valleys. The bolts of lightning zig-zagged within the cloud.  We were now down as low as we could be and the rain was letting up so we were happy to stop and observe. Oddly, it seemed to get lighter all of a sudden even though the sun was close to setting.

Then, the Runner pointed behind us.... an incredible sunset!!!!

We stood in the low spot, watching all directions, in awe of the paintings that Mother Nature can create. After the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky became even more beautiful.
When we looked back toward the storm cloud, it had faded and was undoubtedly moving past us, no longer a threat.

It was an inspiring evening in the desert. I love the desert more than I dreamed that I would.

Thanks to the LLB Gang for hosting the Nature Friday Blog Hop.


  1. oooh is that all gold? it probably is because it is your land ,O)

  2. Hari om
    Arid doesn't mean ugly! YAM xx

  3. Its Amazing How Those Sunsets Tend To Linger On. Maybe Its A Desert Thing. Pleased To Read How They Have Captured Your Heart. Have A Brilliant Weekend And Thanks For Being So Photogenic. What An Eye You Have.


  4. Wow Mother Nature really put on a show for you all.
    Shyla blends in with her surroundings
    Hugs and Happy Memorial day

  5. I do miss the big sky of the southwest. Lovely evocative snaps! And I'm glad you and Shyla got down without falling on the wet rock!

  6. each photo is different, all are awe inspiring and oh so beautiful, those last few are Spectacular!!!!

  7. Beautiful shots. Mother Nature is awesome.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  8. Wow! Mother Nature put on quite the show for you! Awesome pictures, KB!

  9. Spectacular in every photo, and the cloud colours are almost unbelievable.So glad you made it down safely, wet rock can be treacherous.

  10. Storms can bring the most beautiful of skies!

  11. Wow, simply wow! Who needs fireworks when Mother Nature provides such beautiful works of art?

  12. Now THAT is nature worth watching! Wish I could have seen it in person, and glad you were safe.

  13. Such amazing photos of that totally incredible show!

  14. I will visit the beauty of this post often.
    I've always been a sky watcher and these are unbelievably beautiful! thank you!

  15. Those were some incredible cloud formation photos! Those storms sure can sneak up on you quickly.

  16. That storm would have had me running for cover, no time for photos! LOL. They are scary, but beautiful.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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