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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Black Dog Sunday

I haven't mentioned here that our Black Dog has a condition called laryngeal paralysis - a very common disorder in older Labs. It's been slowly developing for years, and it's reached the point that he's prone to inhaling liquid and could lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Due to the risk of aspiration pneumonia, our vet gently suggested that either R needed to stop swimming or perhaps he could wear a flotation device to help him keep his snout up out of the water ( Of course, we chose the latter. R loves swimming too much to stop doing it.

His "lifesaver" hasn't diminished his love of diving and swimming. I was astounded when he took a flying leap into the water just after putting on his lifesaver for the first time.

 His joy was palpable.

Our next worry was whether he'd be able to find the tennis ball when in the water since he is now almost completely blind. As long as we didn't throw it too far, he seemed to follow the sound of the ball landing on the water and could usually retrieve it without a hitch. Occasionally, he couldn't find the ball but that didn't dampen his spirits. Here he was bringing the ball to shore.
He is the best role model for rising above physical hurdles to keep doing what he loves. His laryngeal paralysis and blindness could easily making retrieving and swimming seem too hard to him. But that's not who our Black Dog is. He loves life, and he'll keep playing like a puppy for as long as he possibly can.

Happy Black Dog Sunday.


  1. OH Buddy, You And That Nose Knows. Leopard Print Looks So Good On You!! Doesn't That Weightlessness Feel Just Accelerating. I Can Only Imagine You Shaking Off The Excess Amount Of Water After Each Swim, Shaking Out Those Hind Quarters. Too Cute!! I Am So Proud Of You For Keeping Your Chin Up. Sleep Well And May You Find A Treat Under Your Nose When You Are Ready To Start Another Round Of Being On Duty.

    Big Hugs BLK Dog

  2. Oh Happy Black Dog Sunday R!!!
    Personally I think you should be pictured on the cover of all Pup Magazines everywhere. What a stylish lifesaver...You are indeed a role model for all 2 and 4 leggers with limitations. Grab gusto where you can no matter how or what you have to do to enjoy your life. You don't say you can't...YOU SAY I CAN!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. R, you are both handsome and totally, totally amazing!

  4. It's great to see R enjoying one of his favorite past times. Maybe you can find a ball that beeps to help him find it.

  5. You look so happy in the water with your ball and your lifesaver, R!

  6. I am all teary eyed over this beautiful black dog and his unbeatable spirit

  7. He really is an amazing dog! I am so happy for him that there was a way that he could keep swimming without doing any harm. ♥♥♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. An inspiration for other dogs and for so many of us with two legs as well.He seems to be able to do anything, and with a life preserver, quite the brave lad. Love his face full of joy as se swims back.XXX

  9. Amazing! Besides his great spirit, he is lucky to have human parents who give him what he needs to keep going.

  10. R is my inspiration. He doesn't let any obstacles stand in the way of enjoying his life. I hope I can do the same.

  11. Looks like it will take a lot to stop that boy enjoying life.

  12. He looks so happy! I am glad you found a way to let him keep doing what he loves.

  13. His philosophy is my philosophy. My Golden had laryngeal paralysis.

  14. I've seen others use this as well, and it really has been, well, a lifesaver! I'm glad your boy gets to continue to do all the things he loves - How wonderful!

    Our new addition Sophie has LP as well - We've had dogs with it before, and I'm slowly remembering what I need to do to make their lives easier.

  15. R continues to have that joy of life that also brings joy to all around him.

  16. R, you really are a roll model! Nothing stops your spirit and love of life,,, absolutely nothing!
    You can still fly!

  17. OMD, it looks like my inflatable cone I wore after my surgicals! Butts, I knows it has some other floatie stuffs on there, butts I thinks I want that one if I ever have to suffer the cone-o-shame again ~ FABulous colors!
    So glads you are able to still have your funs R!!! I loves it!
    Ruby ♥


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